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Watashi, Sayaka through

 1位 285票 Watashi @ Jintai
 2位 153票 Misawa Maho @ Ro-Kyu-Bu
 1位 280票 Miki Sayaka @ Madoka
 2位 183票 Chitanda Eru @ Hyouka

The Madoka faction continued their rampage as Sayaka easily stomped Eru to make it 3 Block Final wins for them. Watashi also had a comfortable run out, becoming the only newcomer from this year’s entrants to win a Block Final. Her win means Nodoka’s out of the tournament, unable to increase her total wins and appearance tally to break the current records. There’s always next year though for the Saki ace.

So Saimoe takes a two-day break, with the draw for repechage taking place tomorrow. When we return we’ll witness the start of the much talked about repechage round which has been introduced this year.

Just to recap and a brief look at the repechage round:

The current series representation in the True Final 16 –
Madoka – 3

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