Rock It Green for Saint Patty’s Day

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Contrary to what certain frogs might have told you, it really is easy being green. Get a great color-washed look with one of your old friends, Ombre, Tint or Warhol. These color-changing effects are grouped together in the Paintbox group under Effects.

photos of the same dog color washed green using Warhol Tint and Ombre effects


Warhol is great for a deep green look and the ability to choose just the greens you want. When you first open the effect, youโ€™ll see color pickers that let you select the two colors your photo will end up displaying. The โ€œFirstโ€ color maps to the dark values in your photo, so choose a darker green. For the โ€œSecondโ€ color, choose a mid to light green. If you know a hex number for a perfect green you like, just click in the color box and youโ€™ll see a place to type it above the color grid that appears.


Tint gives you a quick way toโ€ฆ

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