Tutorial: Make a Photo Collage

Originally posted on PicMonkey Blog:

They say a butterfly dies every five minutes*. But you only need about four minutes to learn how to use PicMonkey Collage with our easy-peasy tutorial, and then you can create the most awe-inspiring collage images! Will they save a butterfly? Probably not, but theyโ€™ll all be happier knowing you know Collage. (*Donโ€™t go fact-checking us on that!)

This project gets you a slick collage to use as your Facebook cover image.

Step 1. Import your photos into Collage

screen shot showing opening photos in Collage

Hover over the โ€œCollageโ€ button at the very top of the home page. A dark grey navigation menu appears below it. Click one of the photo storage options (your computerโ€™s hard drive, or your Dropbox, Facebook, or Flickr account) to get your photos. Alternatively, you can explore Collage with our sample photos, to the right, by clicking one of them.

screen shot of Collage showing Open photos button

You can also import photos by clicking โ€œOpen photosโ€ once youโ€™veโ€ฆ

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