February 5 is World Nutella Day

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

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Here are today’s five thing to know about Nutella:

  1. Nutella, a chocolate & hazelnut spread, outsells ALL brands of peanut butter worldwide
  2. Hazelnuts were originally used as an inexpensive filler. sales increased and soon became it’s trademark flavor.
  3. In the aftermath of World War 2 Italian stores offered a service called “smearing”, which allowed local children to bring in a slice of bread on which they could have some Nutella spread.
  4. In Europe the Nutella jar is usually made of glass, whereas in North America it is made of plastic.
  5. One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide.


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Today’s Food History

  • 1872 Lafayette Benedict Mendel was born. An American biochemist who published various papers on nutrition. His work on vitamins and proteins helped establish modern concepts about nutrition.
  • 1884 Willis Johnson of Cincinnati, Ohio, received a patent for an egg beater.

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