February 19 is National Chocolate Mint Day

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Here are today’s five thing to know about Chocolate Mint:

  1.  In tea houses and dinner halls of the early 1900’s  mint sprigs and dark chocolates served after desserts for patrons to ‘chew for good breath and aid digestion’.  Soon thin mints, layered mint and dark chocolate candies appeared in many forms.
  2. Thin Mints, a Girl Scout cookie first sold in 1951, accounts for over 25% of the annual Girl Scout cookie sales.
  3. After Eights, introduced in 1962, were considered a classier version of the classic thin mint, with dark chocolate and rich mint center, considered at the time the perfect after dinner mint.
  4. Andes chocolate mints, created in 1921, have little to do with the Andes mountains. They were once called “Andy’s Candies”  but the owner ‘found that men did not like giving boxes of candies with another man’s name on them to their wives and girlfriends’ so he…

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