50 Years of Spacewalking



Infographic & Image Credit & Copyright: NASA.

On March 18, 1965 after launching into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome onboard Voskhod 2 (call sign Almaz “Diamond”), Alexey Leonov departs his Voskhod 3KD spacecraft and for the first time an inhabitant of Earth floats freely in space.

After depressurization of the craft and hatch opening, the spacewalk begins at 08:34 UTC as Lenov leaves the relative safety of his spacecraft with only his Berkut (Golden Eagle) spacesuit to protect him from the harshness of space.  The entire event was shrouded in secrecy and not even Lenov’s family knew of the spacewalk attempt until it had begun.  Though the entire duration of the spacewalk lasted only 12 minutes, it was a moment in history that the 30 year old Lenov would document as “Like a seagull with its wings outstretched, soaring high above Earth.”


What many don’t know is that Lenov and…

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