St Patrick’s Day Aurora



Image Credit & Copyright: Johannes Erkkila.

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015 as St. Patrick’s Day was entering into darkness the universe took it upon itself to kick off the night time festivities with the largest geomagnetic storm of Solar Cycle 24. The ensuing G4 class storm (G5 is the maximum) drove the now famous light show as far south as New Jersey and Kansas and stayed with us for 9 hours. For reference, a G4 class storm correlates to a KP index of 8 (KP8). Here’s my Aurora Guide with more information on the subject: This brilliantly colored image was captured in Finland by photographer Johannes Erkkila.

Reports came in from around the world exclaiming brilliant multicolor curtains of charged particles from the Sun. From green, yellow, purple, blue and red, the images of this event are visually stunning, awe inspiring and I for one am extremely envious…

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Author: rjbailey

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