9 kids’ shows that also deserve a ‘Full House’-type revival

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Between Disney bringing back DuckTales and the recent news about Netflix possibly rebooting Full House (Gibbler included!), it sure is a great time to be a ’90s kid—or just a fan of quality children’s entertainment. After all, the shows we watch (and love) as kids become an important part of our childhood memories.

And while some of our beloved shows are getting another shot at life, we can’t help but think of a few other childhood favorites that also deserve to grace our screens a second time. With that in mind, we’d like to submit our top choices for a present-day revival:

Captain Planet(1990–1996)
Unfortunately for Gaia, things haven’t improved much for the earth since the show ended its six-season run 19 years ago. Luckily, summoning Captain Planet (and rebooting the show) is simply a matter of recruiting a new team of just-as-diverse teenagers to serve as Planeteers. Gooo…

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Author: rjbailey

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