Sedona Nights



Image Credit & Copyright: Dylan Martin.

Let’s start our Thursday off right with this incredible image of the Milky Way above Sedona Arizona’s Cathedral Rock.  I love the colors and detail in this image as the thick dust band along the plane of the Milky Way can be seen clearly here in the sky as well as in the calm waters below.  It’s almost as if the cathedral is itself, alone in the cosmos.

Cathedral Rock resides in Sedona Arizona’s, Coconino Natural Forest and its summit rises 4,921 ft. (1,500 m) above sea level.  It’s formed from redbed sandstone that was once ancient sand dunes on the shoreline of what was the Pedregosa Sea.  Its main features are two large masses with a smaller central rise.  The three gaps between are known as “saddles” of which 2 and 3 are seen in this image.

As if you needed another reason…

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Author: rjbailey

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