‘Modern Family’ fan recap: Changing our self-image

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Season 6 | Episode 20 | “Knock ‘Em Down” | Aired Apr 22, 2015

This week on Modern Family, it’s Cam’s bowling-league finals and he has recruited Jay to fill in on his team, The Britney Spares, for an injured member. Cam needs to do well so that he can beat his bowling archnemesis, Martin (Oliver Platt); but he doesn’t reveal to Jay until they get to the alley that it’s an all-gay team, and that if anyone, especially Martin, figures out that Jay isn’t gay, the team will be disqualified. Jay is convinced that no one will ever believe that he’s gay.

Mitch, Gloria, and Haley are going out clubbing, and they bet Cam and Jay that they can stay out later. Jay is dubious, noting that baby Joe has to tuck Gloria in at night, but they are determined to win.

Meanwhile, Phil is trying to sell…

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Author: rjbailey

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