April 27 is National Prime Rib Day

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Interesting Food Facts about Prime Rib

  1. A standing rib roast is a prime rib consisting of SEVEN ribs.
  2. A scooped & tied standing rib roast will have the bones taken off and then tied back on.
  3. A rib eye roast is a boneless prime rib.
  4. The beef is cut from the rib section, the largest central area of the steer, located in between the chuck and the short loin, just above the plate.
  5. If choosing a prime rib at the butcher, look for a cut that has a bright color and milky white fat.

Fun Fact:

“Au Jus” refers to the drippings that come off the meat during cooking, and it is often served alongside the prime rib.

The prime rib comes from ribs 6-12 of the cow.

Prime rib cooking temperatures are: rare:120°-125°, medium rare: 130°-135°, medium:140°-145° and well done:160°.


Today’s Food History

  • 1773 The British…

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