Extend Your Blog’s Reach with Instagram

No matter how you choose to adapt your content and share your life on Instagram, the best way to connect with potential readers and new social media friends is by being yourself. Share the images you would want to see on someone else’s feed, and be sure not to promote your content so often you’d want to unfollow yourself.

Source: Extend Your Blog’s Reach with Instagram

This is some helpful stuff! I’ll have to try some of it.


Blogging 101: Here I Am!


Hi! I’m Ron. (But you can call me Joe if you want.) Here’s what I do on this blog, if you hadn’t already figured it out by looking it:

  • Reblogs of posts from other blogs that I think are cool
  • Photo challenge submissions

I admit that’s not a great amount of variety, but it works for me. 😀

While you’re here, check out my Tumblr!

Well… that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by! 😀