Axel-In-Charge 11-07-14: Secret Wars, Spider-Verse, All-New Cap, and… Constantine?

Following the video reveal earlier this week that the past three weeks of Marvel event-based teasers were indeed connected to Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic’s impending “Secret Wars” event — in fact, locations in a new version of “Battleworld” — Alonso talks the origins of those images, what they mean for the larger story and the Marvel Universe and the extent in which this “Secret Wars” relates to the original. With “Spider-Verse” in full, ahem, swing, Alonso also discusses Spidey’s ability to be many different things while retaining a central appeal — something that’s certainly in play with the dozens of Spider-Men in Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel’s story. Alonso also addresses Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen’s soon-to-debut “All-New Captain America,” the new “Constantine” TV series on NBC, plus answers your questions, straight from the CBR Community!

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Axel-In-Charge 10-31-14

It’s been a very eventful week for Marvel as a whole — what with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announcing a slate of films all the way through the year 2019 — and Alonso discusses what excites him about the upcoming Marvel movies, and the especially significant impact of both 2017’s “Black Panther” and 2018’s “Captain Marvel.” Plus, Alonso talks what he likes about the new “Deathlok” series that launched this week from writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Mike Perkins, from his perspective as both Editor-in-Chief and a major fan of the original ’70s incarnation of the cyborg antihero. All that and more insight on the rapidly unfolding Marvel event-based teasers, Alonso’s take on his hometown San Francisco Giants beating the Kansas City Royals to win their third World Series in five seasons, plus answers to your questions, straight from the CBR Community!

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Journey to the Edge of Spider-Verse

When people talk about the “Marvel Universe,” in most cases they’re referring to a world designated Earth 616, home to the classic incarnations of Marvel Comics’ heroes and villains, but the actual size of the company’s shared universe is much far greater and includes numerous dimensions. In these other dimensions history and even reality is often changed, leading to slight or radically different iterations of Marvel characters.

This September readers will travel to five of these different dimensions and encounter five different incarnations of Marvel’s flagship character, the Amazing Spider-Man, in the “Edge of Spider-Verse” miniseries which features work by a different creative team across each of its five issues. CBR News spoke with Senior Editor and Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe and writers Jason Latour & David Hine about their contributions to the series, which paves the way for the upcoming “Spider-Verse” event story line, and also features the Marvel Comics debut of writer Gerard Way.

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Marvel: “Future Past” and Present

Lots of interesting stuff this week!

With 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” now in theaters, Alonso — group editor of the X-books for years — shares his thoughts on what made Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s original 1981 story so significant to Marvel history. Alonso also sheds a bit of early insight into the upcoming Rick Remender-written event “AXIS,” which was officially announced this week via this month’s cover of “Previews.” Switching to the present, Alonso expresses enthusiasm for the original Nick Fury’s role in “Original Sin,” and details news from Marvel’s August 2014 solicitations, like Gerry Duggan taking on “Hulk” writing duties, “Sex Criminals” co-creator Chip Zdarsky making his Marvel debut, and the future of “Moon Knight.” Plus, your questions, straight from the CBR Community!

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Axel-In-Charge: “WikiLeaks With Superheroes” and Selling Covers

With “Original Sin” #0 now on stands, Alonso talks about the need for a prelude issue to Marvel’s 2014 event, and why Mark Waid and Jim Cheung were the right team for the task. Alonso discusses the numbering strategy for the event, and the motivation behind Marvel’s recent tendency towards decimal points. The Marvel E-i-C also gives his thoughts on DC Comics’ recent much-discussed release of advance solicitations for their September 2014 “Futures End” event month slate — their second September in a row to feature motion covers on dozens of titles — which did not list creative teams. Plus, your questions, straight from the CBR forums!

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Brevoort Brings Marvel’s “Avengers” to a Point of Convergence – Comic Book Resources

In the final days of 2012, Jonathan Hickman began his tenure as the writer of Marvel Comics’ “Avengers” and “New Avengers.” Both books found the titular teams making big and often difficult choices to protect the Earth from mysterious, large-scale menaces. In the recent “Infinity” event, also written by Hickman, the Avengers and the secret Illuminati-style New Avengers made more tough calls and readers discovered the separate threats they were facing — the alien Builders and the mysterious Incursion events that begin when two Earths from different realities occupy the same space and end with the destruction of one or both of those Earths — were linked.

In the aftermath of “Infinity,” the Builders have been defeated but the choices made by the Avengers and New Avengers will come back to haunt them, carry even greater weight and bring the two teams’ separate journeys together. CBR News spoke with SVP of Publishing and “Avengers” editor Tom Brevoort about the upcoming “Original Sin” tie-in to “Avengers,” in which Captain America remembers that he was mind wiped and expelled from the ranks of the Illuminati, the current arc of “New Avengers” that pits the Illuminati against a rival team of heroes trying to protect their world from an Incursion event, and how these two stories will lead to a larger tale that tightly links both books together.

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Holy Recasts, Batman!

…let’s hope this is the last round of Robin-recruiting. The Robin identity is special, thanks in no small part to the character who made it famous. For most of his existence, Dick Grayson was the guy who helped humanize the Batman; and as he grew up, Robin/Nightwing became one of the people who knew Batman best. Taking him away from all of that requires replacing it with something equally compelling, and I’m not sure Grayson’s setup will be sufficient.

Still, I come to this discussion as someone who’s seen a lot of that development firsthand, and therefore may be prejudiced by that experience. Younger fans no doubt have their own preferences about Nightwing and Robin, and they may be just as happy with DC moving Dick out of the immediate Bat-orbit. (In that regard it’s funny to think that with Nightwing and Teen Titans canceled and relaunched, and Damian killed, Jason’s been the most stable ex-Robin of the New 52.) Heck, there’s probably a significant portion of fans who think Batman works best without a Robin, and are content to ignore this whole process. If it were up to me — and this is the point I mentioned earlier, where you don’t have to listen to me — I’d have rolled everything back forty-some years, to a point where Dick was still years away from even considering a Nightwing identity, and no one had even heard of Jason Todd or Tim Drake.

Again, because Robin’s going to be coming back, whoever he or she is needs to be considered pretty carefully, because I’m not sure fans are going to put up with another death-and-revival cycle. Specifically, the next Robin needs to be around for the long haul, and needs the sort of close relationship with Batman that will enrich both characters. (Before the New 52 relaunch, Dick could call Batman out on his foolishness and have the experience to back it up. In the current Batman Beyond comics, the Dick of the future acts similarly.) The next Robin also needs to demonstrate the potential to grow into the next Batman — but the attitude to recognize that Batman’s going to be around for a while, and will need the support of a dedicated partner. Notwithstanding Tim Drake’s solo series (launched after Azrael/Batman kicked him out of the Batcave), “Robin” is by nature a supporting character who works best in conjunction with Batman. That was the default setup from 1940 to 1969, it informed the 1984 Robin-to-Nightwing transition, and it’s undoubtedly part of the upcoming Robin revival.

Finally, the next Robin needs to be someone who can grow old in the role. This is probably implicit in all of the above, but it’s worth repeating. Sure, Batman can trade pointed quips with Alfred in the Batcave, and can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Jim Gordon against the evils of Gotham — but only the youngster in the red-and-yellow costume personifies the fun of being Batman. Without Robin, Batman might be a grim, gothic avenger, meting out two-fisted justice in various shades of gray and black, scaring the bejeezus out of criminals, and looking very cool indeed; but with Robin, Batman is unquestionably a hero. That’s what Dick Grayson did for Batman for all those years; that’s what DC would do well to remember when it considers Dick’s future; and that’s what the next Robin needs to live up to, for as long as he or she needs to.

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scans_daily | Justice League #27 Preview – Death and Destruction as per usual

aka Geoff Johns continuing his rather weird habit of killing off juvenile heroes in his crossover events. In this case, members of a team that hasn’t even debuted in the New 52 yet; The Doom Patrol.

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I actually read that series (the one discussed in the post). Dear God, I’m old. ^_^



The changes to Justice League spin out of events in Forever Evil, which ends in March. In the mini-series, Lex Luthor leads the fight against evil after most of the world’s superheroes are incapacitated by an outside threat. He gathers together a team in Forever Evil — one which includes Captain Cold and Batman — which presumably leads to his April role in the Justice League.

Forever Evil appears to be changing a lot about the DCU, from the formation of a new Justice League United (based in Canada), the return of Wally West to The Flash, the end of the Teen Titans title, and of course, the anticipated harm to Nightwing as the title’s creative team changes.

They’re all part of what Johns warned us was coming. The DC chief creative officer said, “come April the DC Universe will be a very different place leading into and throughout 2014. The first phase of the New 52 is drawing to a close and as Forever Evil wraps up a new phase begins — one that will see the introduction, and re-introduction, of a lot of characters, concepts and a decidedly new center to the DC universe.”

Lex Luthor appears to be the answer to that prediction, but his new role also brings up a lot of questions. What does this mean to the future of the Justice League? How does Batman react to Lex? What happens to Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship? What happens to the Justice League ties to A.R.G.U.S.? How does this tie into other changes in the DCU?

Newsarama talked to Johns to get some clarification and hints regarding those questions and more — and the writer shared something that should make Ted Kord fans happy (and further fuel those rumors about Booster Gold’s return).