WPC: The Artsy Side of Nelsonville

It’s time once again for another Weekly Photo Challenge! Today, let’s see some works of art around my hometown.

First, let’s look at this mural opposite the post office.

IMG_20140517_115205 (1280x960) Stitch12

IMG_20140517_115105 (1280x957)11

The Rocky store has a really big mural on it…

IMG_20140517_171247 (1280x954) 02 IMG_20140517_171411 (1280x943) 03



…and this really nice ram statue…

IMG_20140517_171416 (1280x944) 04

…and some cool stuff inside!

IMG_20140517_171629 (960x1280) 05 IMG_20140517_171717 (948x1280) 06 IMG_20140517_171800 (909x1280) 07

Of course, some artworks are in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

IMG_20140517_111301 (960x1280)03

IMG_20140517_111251 (958x1280)02

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Photo Challenge Double-shot: Trees With A Close-Up

Like the title says, I’m doing two challenge entries in this pot: Cee’s latest Fun Foto Challenge and this week’s Travel Theme.

IMG_20140506_160640 (1280x949)
This tree was just outside the library.
IMG_20140506_160854 (1280x957) Stitch
A tree on the Public Square.
IMG_20140506_160928 (1280x960)
A close-up of the tree in the above photo. Dunno what this is, but it looks interesting. ^_^
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Which Way Challenge 9

This entry for the new Which Way Challenge starts at the Good Works Hannah House property on the outskirts of Athens, OH. On Fridays a supper is held on the property.

This grassy path leads to an open area where we have bonfires sometimes.
This grassy path leads to an open area where we have bonfires sometimes.

Then today I took some shots near the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway station (the subject of an earlier post).

IMG_20140503_171235 (1280x960)

IMG_20140503_171435 (1280x960)
Hocking Parkway serves as the “back entrance” to Hocking College.



IMG_20140503_171558 (1280x958)

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