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The word has been out for a little while now, so it’s high time I mentioned it: My next Star Trek novel after the upcoming The Face of the Unknown will be Star Trek: Enterprise — Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference, the fifth book in the ROTF series. Here’s the blurb:

The time has come to act. Following the destructive consequences of the Ware crisis, Admiral Jonathan Archer and Section 31 agent Trip Tucker both attempt to change their institutions to prevent further such tragedies. Archer pushes for a Starfleet directive of non-interference, but he faces opposition from allies within the fleet and unwelcome support from adversaries who wish to drive the Federation into complete isolationism. Meanwhile, Tucker plays a dangerous game against the corrupt leaders of Section 31, hoping to bring down their conspiracy once and for all. But is he willing to jeopardize Archer’s efforts—and…

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CFFC – Light Greens

It’s not easy…

Here’s my entry for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge!


 photo Kermit.jpg
Hi ho!


 photo Perry.jpg


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CWW 9-24-16

(Sorry, no cutesy sequel title this week. 😅)

This week, more pics I took over the blogging break.


 photo 09022016 07.jpg


 photo 09022016 08.jpg


 photo 09022016 09.jpg


 photo 09022016 10.jpg


 photo 09022016 11.jpg


 photo 09022016 12.jpg
These steps need some attention.


 photo 09022016 13.jpg


 photo 09022016 14.jpg


 photo 09022016 15.jpg
I kinda like how this part of the sidewalk is designed.


 photo 09022016 16.jpg


 photo 09022016 01.jpg


 photo 09022016 17.jpg
Love how this turned out.



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CB&W 9-22-16 – Two!

Here’s my entry for this week’s Black & White Challenge.


 photo 2016-09-023.jpg
Two different things: My Homura plushie in my Venom mug.


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Which Way 2! The Sequel — 9-15-16

Cee’s back, and it’s time for a new CWW!

Cee’s back, and it’s time for a new CWW! I took a lot of shots over Cee’s sabbatical, but I won’t overwhelm with all of them once. 😊 I’ll just put up a few tonight.


 photo 09022016 02.jpg


 photo 09022016 03.jpg


 photo 09022016 05.jpg
My local library just got its front walk redone!

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