#ThursdayDoors 8-03-17 — Same Door, New Look

A former local fragrance shop is now an artist’s space.


If you think this week’s entry looks familiar, you’re right! The storefront seen in this Thursday Doors entry used to be a shop that made and sold soaps and fragrances. Now it’s a sort of young people’s artist space.

The Hive 8-2-2017 10-59-18 AM The Hive 7-31-2017 12-44-48 PM

The Hive 7-31-2017 12-44-15 PM The Hive 7-31-2017 12-44-59 PM

The Hive 7-31-2017 12-45-08 PM The Hive 7-31-2017 12-45-27 PM

The Hive 7-31-2017 12-45-34 PM
Love this mailbox!

The Hive 7-31-2017 12-45-45 PM

The Hive 7-31-2017 12-45-50 PM
Nice bench!

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Fun Foto Challenge — Wood

It’s a bit down to the wire, but here’s my entry for this week’s CFFC!

I couldn’t find much that could signify spring (especially with the weather around here 😞), but I did find some wooden stuff worth taking pics of! Enjoy! 😊

 photo 04032017 02.jpg
A nice-looking bench, with a boot sculpture nearby.
 photo 04032017 03.jpg
Here’s a close-up of the boot.
 photo 04032017 01.jpg
Check out the end of this banister!

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#todayis Live Creative Day…

…and I’m showing off some of my artwork!

…and I’m showing off some art I made a few years back. They may not be Louvre-quality, but I’m pretty proud of ’em. 🙂


 photo 09142016 02.jpg


 photo 09142016 03.jpg


 photo 09142016 04.jpg


 photo 09142016 05.jpg


 photo 09142016 01.jpg


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#ThursdayDoors Followup: Rocky Brands Outlet Mural

My next-to-last Thursday Doors post featured the Rocky Brands Outlet Store, which has a large mural painted on it. The pictures I posted only showed part of the mural, and at least two of my readers expressed interest in seeing the whole thing.

So here ya go! 😀

Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-15-08 AM//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

A wide shot.

Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-17-05 AM//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

And a close-up shot.

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Odd Ball Challenge ’15 #3 — Hidden Treasure

The subject for this week’s OBC is this mural that was probably there a while, but that I never noticed ‘tll yesterday.

IMG_20150120_170032 (1280x953)
Indeed it is. ^_^

It’s interesting, the things you find if you look in the right place.

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WPC: The Artsy Side of Nelsonville

It’s time once again for another Weekly Photo Challenge! Today, let’s see some works of art around my hometown.

First, let’s look at this mural opposite the post office.

IMG_20140517_115205 (1280x960) Stitch12

IMG_20140517_115105 (1280x957)11

The Rocky store has a really big mural on it…

IMG_20140517_171247 (1280x954) 02 IMG_20140517_171411 (1280x943) 03



…and this really nice ram statue…

IMG_20140517_171416 (1280x944) 04

…and some cool stuff inside!

IMG_20140517_171629 (960x1280) 05 IMG_20140517_171717 (948x1280) 06 IMG_20140517_171800 (909x1280) 07

Of course, some artworks are in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

IMG_20140517_111301 (960x1280)03

IMG_20140517_111251 (958x1280)02

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