What’s Marvel Up To In 2015?

With 2015 now a full two days old, Alonso follows last year’s look back with a look ahead, and opines on the future of Marvel Comics — starting with the two big “Wars” of the comic book new year — “Star Wars” and “Secret Wars.” With Marvel’s new “Star Wars” line set to debut in less than a fortnight, Alonso talks what he thinks the beloved franchise adds to Marvel’s publishing slate. Given that readers have already been told that the year-long “Secret Wars” is going to be a really big deal for Marvel, Alonso shares his thoughts on what excites him about the story itself. Beyond that, Alonso talks Disney/Marvel collaborations, publishing priorities for 2015, “Uncanny Avengers” and the increased role of Sabretooth, plus drops a pretty big (albeit certainly open to interpretation) hint about a Marvel character poised to have a big year.

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Axel-In-Charge 12-12-14

Fresh off Marvel’s latest three-day editorial retreat, Alonso talked about the contributions of a new addition to that usual crew — “Ms. Marvel” writer G. Willow Wilson, who the E-i-C revealed is now Marvel exclusive and working on as-yet unrevealed material along with the monthly adventures of Kamala Khan. Alonso also reflected on the recently confirmed news that more than one million copies of the new “Star Wars” #1 have been sold to retailers, and the alternate means of distribution the publisher has employed for the issue. All that, plus insights into the latest Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver-related revelations, the new “Moon Knight” creative team of Cullen Bunn and Ron Ackins, Gerry Conway returning to “Amazing Spider-Man” and answers to your questions, directly from the CBR Community.

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Axel-In-Charge 11-07-14: Secret Wars, Spider-Verse, All-New Cap, and… Constantine?

Following the video reveal earlier this week that the past three weeks of Marvel event-based teasers were indeed connected to Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic’s impending “Secret Wars” event — in fact, locations in a new version of “Battleworld” — Alonso talks the origins of those images, what they mean for the larger story and the Marvel Universe and the extent in which this “Secret Wars” relates to the original. With “Spider-Verse” in full, ahem, swing, Alonso also discusses Spidey’s ability to be many different things while retaining a central appeal — something that’s certainly in play with the dozens of Spider-Men in Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel’s story. Alonso also addresses Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen’s soon-to-debut “All-New Captain America,” the new “Constantine” TV series on NBC, plus answers your questions, straight from the CBR Community!

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Axel-In-Charge 10-31-14

It’s been a very eventful week for Marvel as a whole — what with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announcing a slate of films all the way through the year 2019 — and Alonso discusses what excites him about the upcoming Marvel movies, and the especially significant impact of both 2017’s “Black Panther” and 2018’s “Captain Marvel.” Plus, Alonso talks what he likes about the new “Deathlok” series that launched this week from writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Mike Perkins, from his perspective as both Editor-in-Chief and a major fan of the original ’70s incarnation of the cyborg antihero. All that and more insight on the rapidly unfolding Marvel event-based teasers, Alonso’s take on his hometown San Francisco Giants beating the Kansas City Royals to win their third World Series in five seasons, plus answers to your questions, straight from the CBR Community!

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Marvel: “Future Past” and Present

Lots of interesting stuff this week!

With 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” now in theaters, Alonso — group editor of the X-books for years — shares his thoughts on what made Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s original 1981 story so significant to Marvel history. Alonso also sheds a bit of early insight into the upcoming Rick Remender-written event “AXIS,” which was officially announced this week via this month’s cover of “Previews.” Switching to the present, Alonso expresses enthusiasm for the original Nick Fury’s role in “Original Sin,” and details news from Marvel’s August 2014 solicitations, like Gerry Duggan taking on “Hulk” writing duties, “Sex Criminals” co-creator Chip Zdarsky making his Marvel debut, and the future of “Moon Knight.” Plus, your questions, straight from the CBR Community!

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It’s a Matter of Death and Life at Marvel

Following last weekend’s C2E2 convention in Chicago, Alonso discusses some of Marvel’s many announcements from the show — including “The Death of Wolverine,” going weekly in September against DC Comics’ “Futures End” month, and with a creative team that took some by surprise (along with a rather blatant hint on the frequent Steve McNiven collaborator who was approached for the series). Alonso also talks plans to reveal Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane’s Angela — who moves from the “Spawn” world to the Marvel Universe about a year ago — as Thor and Loki’s sister, plus the upcoming “Storm” and “The Legendary Star-Lord” ongoing series. And with Spider-Man at the forefront of comic book news this week, Alonso shares his enthusiasm for the new “Amazing Spider-Man” #1 by Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos and more, plus comments on reports surfaced earlier this week on Bleeding Cool that some copies of the highly ordered issue arrived at retailers damaged.

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Axel-In-Charge: “WikiLeaks With Superheroes” and Selling Covers

With “Original Sin” #0 now on stands, Alonso talks about the need for a prelude issue to Marvel’s 2014 event, and why Mark Waid and Jim Cheung were the right team for the task. Alonso discusses the numbering strategy for the event, and the motivation behind Marvel’s recent tendency towards decimal points. The Marvel E-i-C also gives his thoughts on DC Comics’ recent much-discussed release of advance solicitations for their September 2014 “Futures End” event month slate — their second September in a row to feature motion covers on dozens of titles — which did not list creative teams. Plus, your questions, straight from the CBR forums!

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Axel-In-Charge 4-18-14

This week, with the final issue of “Superior Spider-Man” now on sale, Alonso discusses the book’s success, and the risk involved with replacing a beloved character like Peter Parker with one of his archenemies for nearly a year and a half. Alonso freely admits he was initially skeptical of the idea, and details his reasons why — and how the story’s reception encourages Marvel to make more bold moves in the future. Also, Alonso shares his enthusiasm for Marvel’s current original graphic novel line, the launches of “Ultimate FF” and “Hulk,” and watching Jason Aaron’s time on the X-books come to a close. Plus, your questions, straight from the CBR forums!

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Axel-In-Charge: Welcoming Back Creators, Experimenting with Numbering – Comic Book Resources

This week, we discuss a cornucopia of recent Marvel-related developments — including the publisher’s long-awaited remastered Miracleman #1, Chris Claremont and the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning duo all returning to the Marvel fold, and weekly April miniseries What If: Age of Ultron, from writer Joe Keatinge and multiple artists. All that, and noted San Francisco 49ers fan Alonso’s take on this past Sunday\’s NFC Championship game.

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