Challenge Two-fer: Which Way – Steps

This week’s entry for the Which Way Challenge also covers this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Steps! Enjoy!

IMG_20170702_113555 IMG_20170702_113616

IMG_20170702_113632 11302016 03

11302016 02 First Christian Church 3-20-2016 11-09-38 AM

IMG_20151022_112539 Mark IMG_20150922_110843 (1280x960) Mark

IMG_20150910_111437 (1280x929) Mark

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Which Way 6-9-17: It’s Orange Barrel Season!

It’s summer, and like the title implies, it’s roadwork season in Ohio, and orange barrels are popping up all over! So here’s my entry for this week’s Which Way!

Orange Barrel Season 01 Orange Barrel Season 02

Orange Barrel Season 03 Orange Barrel Season 04

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Cee’s Which Way 4-29-17

Here’s my entry for this week’s Which Way, featuring a bike-centric artwork.

Bike Art 01 Bike Art 00

Bike Art 02 Bike Art 04

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CWW 9-24-16

(Sorry, no cutesy sequel title this week. 😅)

This week, more pics I took over the blogging break.


 photo 09022016 07.jpg


 photo 09022016 08.jpg


 photo 09022016 09.jpg


 photo 09022016 10.jpg


 photo 09022016 11.jpg


 photo 09022016 12.jpg
These steps need some attention.


 photo 09022016 13.jpg


 photo 09022016 14.jpg


 photo 09022016 15.jpg
I kinda like how this part of the sidewalk is designed.


 photo 09022016 16.jpg


 photo 09022016 01.jpg


 photo 09022016 17.jpg
Love how this turned out.



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Which Way 2! The Sequel — 9-15-16

Cee’s back, and it’s time for a new CWW!

Cee’s back, and it’s time for a new CWW! I took a lot of shots over Cee’s sabbatical, but I won’t overwhelm with all of them once. 😊 I’ll just put up a few tonight.


 photo 09022016 02.jpg


 photo 09022016 03.jpg


 photo 09022016 05.jpg
My local library just got its front walk redone!

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Which Way II 8-26-16

It’s another week of street signs for this week’s entry.


 photo IMG_20160819_141442a.jpg


 photo Walk Signal.jpg


 photo IMG_20160823_114256a.jpg


 photo IMG_20160823_114353a.jpg


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Which Way Challenge II: The Wrath of Cee 8-17-16

Not much for this week’s entry, just some street signs.


 photo b23722b5-4c01-4b08-9767-fb2cdeb5beb0.jpg


 photo ef0f01a9-bcc4-4887-b31e-5c8bcbdd09c2.jpg


 photo 77c36974-3a8a-495c-be93-d62be7c699c8.jpg
Three signs, one pic 🙂



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Son of Cee’s Which Way Challenge – 8/6/16

Just when it thought it was out, we dragged it back in. 😉

That’s right, gentlebeings, the Which Way Challenge is back! I might have missed the debut week, but I’m here now, so here you go.

This week, I’m setting my Wayback Machine for five years ago, when I took a trip to COSI in Columbus, OH with some friends. We also stopped at Bicentennial Park on the Scioto Mile.



Part of the bike path that runs by the park.

A bridge under construction.



RJB-080611-211   RJB-080611-210


RJB-080611-206   RJB-080611-205


RJB-080611-203   RJB-080611-2


RJB-080611-191   RJB-080611-190



This fountain is the park’s main feature.

I have more photos in a Flickr album. I also have an album of pictures from COSI that day.

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