CFFC: They’re Not Toys, They’re COLLECTIBLES!

Because there’s never a bad time to show off your fan stuff.

With a topic like this week’s Fun Foto Challenge, you know I couldn’t resist showing some of my fandom collectibles. 😊 So here you go!

Spartan and Planet Express Ship 6-11-2017 1-41-56 PM.56 Halo Mega Construx 6-20-2017 12-59-53 PM.53

12202016 03 12202016 02

12202016 01 12172016 07

12172016 06 12172016 05

12172016 03 12172016 02

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 12-55-56 PM

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#Pokemon20 — Happy #PokemonDay!

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Pokemon’s 20th anniversary today, and to celebrate, I thought I’d show off a couple related knickknacks collectibles I have.

20160227_085701_Hocking St-1 (1086x1280) Mark
First off is this sorta-dingy-but-still-nice-looking Pikachu plushie.
20160227_085854_Hocking St (1280x960) Mark
Charmander and Psyduck.

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