scans_daily | John Steele is a Basterd

As Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s revisiting of the Golden Age continues, one of the characters reintroduced is the ultra-obscure John Steele.

via scans_daily | John Steele is a Basterd.

In case you’re reading Secret Avengers and need more background on this guy.

HE’S BACK, YES? (via simon furman)

HE'S BACK, YES? The original Death’s Head is back — in a special story that pits him against none other than the Incredible Hulk! Issue #33 of Panini UK‘s Marvel Heroes comic features an amazing two-part clash between everyone’s favourite bounty hunter (um, freelance peacekeeping agent) and the jade giant. Part one is written by Ferg Handley and part two (the real head-to-head, as it were) by me, with art by the amazing Simon Williams. Marvel Heroes #33 is out ( … Read More

via simon furman

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