Challenge Double-shot: #ThursdayDoors and CFFC: Doorknobs

If it’s Thursday, it must be time for more pictures of doors!

This week, I’m also participating in Cee’s latest Fun Foto Challenge. Since this week’s subject is about doorknobs and other door-related items, why not take out two birds with one stone?

Let’s revisit some doors I’ve visited before, but this time focusing on their knobs.

 photo IMG_20160308_165309 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160308_165214 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160308_165206 Mark.jpg


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#ThursdayDoors — 11-19-15

This week, we visit one of Rocky Brands’  two office buildings.

This one is next door to the outlet store. In fact, it used to be the outlet store until they converted the former factory several years back. One of its distinguishing features is the structure of the front entrance.

Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-16-09 AM Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-16-43 AM

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Bench Series: November — Rocky Outlet Bench

While taking pics for my last post, I decided since I was there, I might as well participate in this new photo challenge (Thanks, Cee! 😀  )

Outside the entrance to the Rocky store (you can just see it in this post), there’s a metal bench that was donated by the local Rotary Club.
Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-41-36 AM//

Notice the plaque on the left.

Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-41-42 AM//

Here’s a closeup of the plaque.

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#ThursdayDoors Followup: Rocky Brands Outlet Mural

My next-to-last Thursday Doors post featured the Rocky Brands Outlet Store, which has a large mural painted on it. The pictures I posted only showed part of the mural, and at least two of my readers expressed interest in seeing the whole thing.

So here ya go! 😀

Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-15-08 AM//

A wide shot.

Rocky Brands 11-5-2015 11-17-05 AM//

And a close-up shot.

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#ThursdayDoors — 11-5-15

This week, we’re going back to the Nelsonville American Legion building, the subject of my Thursday Doors debut!
IMG_20151103_114339 Mark//

Election Day in the US was this past Tuesday, and it looks like the side entrance was all gussied up for it. 🙂

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#ThursdayDoors — 10-29-15

This week, we’re taking a look at the entrance to the Rocky Brands Outlet Store, a place we’ve visited previously.

Notice that while the doors in and of themselves are fairly normal, there’s this nice looking structure in front of them.

IMG_20151026_110615 Mark// Mark//

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#ThursdayDoors 10-22-15

After missing last week, I’m back! 😀 Here’s my entry for this week.

IMG_20151022_112539 Mark//

Here we have the front door to one of Nelsonville’s local churches.

IMG_20151022_112611 Mark//

Bonus: the building’s cornerstone.

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One Word Photo Challenge: Autumn!

Just saw Cee’s entry for this challenge today, and as luck would have it, I’d taken some pics with my phone over the past couple of weeks that would be perfect for it. So here ya go! 😀

IMG_20151008_142133 Mark// (1280x960) Mark//

IMG_20151001_105959 (1280x960) Mark// (1280x951) Mark//

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Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge — Geeky Toys

I saw Cee’s post about this and just had to make my own entry! 😀

I have a little collection of collectibles from various fandoms. Take a look!

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 2-33-19 PM// Toys 9-27-2015 2-40-41 PM//

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 12-56-06 PM// Toys 9-27-2015 12-56-35 PM//

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 12-55-56 PM// Toys 9-27-2015 12-57-03 PM//

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 1-00-40 PM// Toys 9-27-2015 1-00-54 PM//

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 1-01-04 PM// Toys 9-27-2015 12-57-27 PM//

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 2-33-21 PM//

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