Build your own Arduino-Controlled Robot! | MAKE

Robotics can be a difficult hobby to jump into, but the Arduino and the 4WD Robot Platform make it easy for you to build an awesome robot without a struggle! By utilizing components found in the Maker Shed, this guide makes it easy for you to learn the basics of robotics, applications of the Arduino, and the process of building something awesome to show your family and friends.

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Build, CRAFT, hack, play, MAKE.

Build, CRAFT, hack, play, MAKE.
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Maker Faire Austin: Oct. 18th and 19th, 2008, Austin, TX

• Robots • Rockets • Bicycles • Alternative Energy Devices • Electronics • Crafts
• Circuit Boards • Sustainable Food • Musical Instruments • Wood Working
• Knitting • Eco Modding Cars • Kites • Special Effects • Sewing • and more…

Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful people of all ages and backgrounds who like to tinker and love to make things. So much to see, you will need 2 days to see it all!

Awesome Electronics Workshop LCD and GPS

Bre Pettis teams up with Hardware Hacker Joe Grand to show you how to integrate LCDs and GPS into your electronics projects. Then they put these two things together on a basic stamp and create a portable GPS tracking system and go geocaching!

Multimeter Tutorial – Make: Video Podcast

Multimeter Tutorial – Make: Video Podcast
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Phil Torrone sez:

“This Make: Video Podcast brings you another tutorial featuring hardware hacker Joe Grand. This weekend, dust off that multimeter and learn how to use it! In this video you’ll learn how to check for continuity, measure resistance and measure voltage. These measurements are really handy to have in your bag of tricks if you are messing around with electronics. Make sure to download the accompanying pdf so that you can print it out and have it next to you as you become familiar with these essential multimeter skills.”

seasons greetings from MAKE

seasons greetings from MAKE
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seasons greetings from MAKE

(trying our rss ad experiment today)
…if you enjoy the MAKE site, our posts, open source efforts, electronics and how-tos then consider getting the magazine. You can
subscribe here (use code CMAKE) and get another $5 USD off ($29 total – that’s 50% off) -or- Give the gift of MAKE – pick up a year of MAKE for that special maker (Gift subscription) and last up, we now have MAKE store gift certificate. Happy holidays from MAKE!

The MAKE iBump: You can have the world’s loudest iPod!

The MAKE iBump: You can have the world’s loudest iPod!
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Yes, but why would you want to? ^_^

Phil Torrone sez:

“That’s right, if you want THE loudest iPod, Zune, whatever music player this is what you need… The iBump crossover lets you crank it up without distortion.

“Freshman volume” is the sound level metric introduced to college students in their first year – it’s the highest sound level possible at which there is nobody screaming at you to turn the music down. When Ben Anderson made his first attempt at freshman volume, he used an iPod, several guitar amps, and a regular stereo. Although loud, the sound fidelity was surprisingly low. Even worse, Ben’s neighbors were overwhelming his sound with their stereos. What was wrong?

Big speakers work best with low notes, little speakers work best with high notes. Sending both highs and lows to all speakers sounds bad, seriously limits overall volume, and can cause speaker damage. Ben needed a way to separate lows from highs before amplifying his music. This was the beginning of the iBump: “Bump” as in “Bump some tunes”, and you know where the “i” comes from.

Designed by Ben’s dad, Wendell, the iBump is an audiophile-quality active crossover (which separates the highs from the lows). It is inserted between the source (iPod) and the amplifiers. Routing the iBump subwoofer output to a bass amp enables clear, earthmoving low notes. The iBump left and right channels enable high, undistorted volumes because the smaller speakers aren’t getting horsed around by the low notes.

Now, Ben uses an iBump with his iPod, stereo, and bass amp to make sure his neighbors understand the true concept of freshman volume. So can you. We’re all about open source hardware, as much as we possibly can be, so we also include the schematic in MAKE 08, so you can build your own, or just get one from us assembled and support MAKE.”

The MAKE iBump: World’s loudest iPod

XGameStation Pico Edition 2.0 – Try your hands at the nitty-gritty,low-level world of hardcore game development

XGameStation Pico Edition 2.0 – Try your hands at the nitty-gritty, low-level world of hardcore game development
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Phil Torrone sez:

“Try your hands at the nitty-gritty, low-level world of hardcore game development with a new kit we’re carrying in the MAKE store. Twenty years ago, says André LaMothe, game programming was a real art. LaMothe, programmer extraordinaire and probably the best known author in the field of game programming, remembers when 32 kilobytes on machines with clock speeds of 1 MHz, was state of the art. The game programmers of the 1980s created classic video games with perfectly tuned mechanics and unbelievable details. Using ingenuity and elegance, not to mention myriad hacks and tricks, they routinely created wonderful games and gave early gamers every reason to stay glued to their joysticks.

“Today, because of improvements in hardware and software, the quality and overall richness of computer gaming has increased by orders of magnitude. But, says LaMothe, with that has come a decline in programming skill; the power of the machines allows game programmers to get away with inefficient, poorly organized, and generally non-optimized coding.

“Enter LaMothe’s XGameStation, a hardware platform developed exclusively for the purpose of educating a new generation of hardware and software hackers in the nitty-gritty, low-level world of hardcore game development. Combining modern technology with the bedrock-solid design philosophies of the past, XGameStation opens a window into history’s most important gaming hardware, systems such as the Commodore 64, Apple II, and Atari 800 to create a tight integration of past, present and future.

“The XGameStation Pico Edition 2.0 is a build-it-yourself game development kit based on the technologies of its bigger brother, the XGameStation Micro Edition. The XGS Pico Edition 2.0 comes with a solderless breadboard and parts as well as the Pico PCB Add-On Kit.

“After you build the breadboard version you can solder your unit together and have a completely portable and reprogramable embedded game system. Complete instructions covering assembly, architecture, and programming of the Pico Edition comes with the kit on CD.

“The Pico Edition may be simple, but it packs a punch with a Ubicom SX28 microcontroller running at a blazing 80.000MHz. It comes with a 7-Segment readout, 15-pin interface, A/V jacks, and a built in directional game pad for a completely portable mini-game console.”

XGameStation Pico
Edition 2.0 –

CRAFT – on sale starting today!@!@!@
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The day is here! CRAFT Magazine is now available for you to buy on newsstands. So head on over to your favorite magazine stand and pick yourself up a copy of CRAFT! also available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, JoAnn Fabrics, Michael’s Craft Stores, and more.- Don’t want to venture outside? Subscribe! Use the MAKE4CRAFT code and receive the cool new CRAFT T-shirt – Link.


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Wonder if my posting this counts as a Trick-or-Treat entry? ^_^

Phil Torrone sez:

Makers and Crafters, it’s time to enter our ghoulishly fun Halloween contests! Anyone, anywhere can enter, and depending on what type of maker or crafter you are, you can enter all or just some of the contests. We’ll have lots of updates and posts regarding all these, but this is to get you started and planning.


Hack-o-Lantern contest: Decorate a pumpkin in any way you see fit, or unfit. It’s that easy. Then upload your photos to the MAKE or CRAFT Flickr photo pool and tag them “MAKECRAFTHALLOWEEN” Or you can email them to us, just be aware that we’re going to upload them to the MAKE and CRAFT Flickr photo pools. We’ll also have a round up of ways to decorate a pumpkin as it gets closer to Halloween.

Costume contest: Dressing up? Making your own costume? As long as you “make” something you can enter. Any costume with homemade elements on it, in it, or used is OK. Take a photo of your costume(s) then upload your photos to the MAKE or CRAFT Flickr photo pool and tag them “MAKECRAFTHALLOWEEN” Or you can email them to us, just be aware that we’re going to upload them to the MAKE and CRAFT Flickr photo pool. We’ll continue to post fun costumes and how-tos all this month as well.

Decorations, gadgets and more contest: Decorations at home, work, wherever, a haunted house, lawn gadgets, anything Halloweeny. If you’re one of those makers or crafters who goes all out and makes their surroundings spooky in some way, take a photo! Then upload your photos to the MAKE or CRAFT Flickr photo pool and tag them “MAKECRAFTHALLOWEEN” Or you can email them to us, just be aware that we’re going to upload them to the MAKE and CRAFT Flickr photo pool. We will spotlight some of our favorite Halloween related projects all this month to inspire folks.

Treat-or-Treat contest: This is the easiest one. If you have a blog, a website, MySpace or anything online, just post a link to MAKE or CRAFT. We will pick 10 people we see linking to us. It works best if you have a blog-like site; we’ll be using the Technorati service to track who is linking to us (you can view it here). You can post a link to us in your sidebar, a link about this contest, anything really. Do a post about MAKE or CRAFT, it doesn’t matter to us, but we can see it best if it’s on a blog and making it fun always helps (extra credit if it’s a SPOOKY STORY!).

Besides the glory and fame of being a winner of the MAKE & CRAFT Halloween Contest, we’re going to give away some stuff.

Hack-o-Lantern: We’ll pick 3 pumpkins and the winner gets a MAKE limited edition Pocket Ref & Makers the book.

Costumes: We’ll pick 3 costumes and each winner gets MAKE year one (4 volumes of MAKE in a collector’s box) and the first issue of CRAFT.

Decorate/gadgets: We’ll pick 3 winners and each will receive a MAKE controller kit and a POV kit.

Treat-or-Treat: We’ll pick 10 people who linked to MAKE & CRAFT and send the latest issue of MAKE or CRAFT (your choice).

Grand prize: We’ll pick one of our winners as the grand prize – they’ll receive: A MAKE controller kit, MAKE year one (4 volumes collectors set), CRAFT, a POV kit AND a box of MAKE magazines to a classroom / school of their choice! You want to win this, do it for the children!

Have your entries in before Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006, at 1:59 p.m. EST. We’re giving you a little time to take photos and get them up post-Halloween, but you can enter any time starting now. Contest is open to anyone on planet Earth or surrounding orbit.

Remember you can enter at any time just by tagging your photos on Flickr with “MAKECRAFTHALLOWEEN” and adding them to the MAKE and/or CRAFT photo pools or just email them to us too. To enter trick-or-treat just post about MAKE/CRAFT or the contest on your blog. And lastly if you want to use MAKE and/or CRAFT logos in your projects or posts, get’em here (MAKE logosCRAFT logos).

What are you waiting for? Scare us! Inspire us! Humor us!