FFC — Books!

Here’s my entry for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge, and what better way for me to explore the theme then with current photos of the contents of my bookshelf?

Bookshelf 5-23-2018 8-44-16 AM Bookshelf 5-23-2018 8-44-28 AM

Bookshelf 5-23-2018 8-44-37 AM Bookshelf 5-23-2018 8-44-49 AM

Bookshelf 5-23-2018 8-47-26 AM Bookshelf 5-23-2018 8-47-33 AM

And here are some pics of the Free Comic Book day event at my local library.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 5-5-2018 9-04-47 AM

Free Comic Book Day 2018 5-5-2018 9-11-51 AM
Patrons could only take two comics each. Here are what I picked up.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 5-5-2018 9-44-15 AM

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Mashable Recaps #FreeComicBookDay 2014

Free Comic Book Day is a tradition that even Sheldon Cooper could get behind.

As the name suggests, comic-book lovers flock to participating specialty stores around the world every first Saturday of May to stock up on select complimentary items, with some showing up dressed as their favorite superheroes (or villains).

The first Free Comic Book Day took place in May 2002. The event was launched to promote the comic-book industry to those who weren’t familiar with it (and as a treat for those who were). Many parents even bring their children to encourage them to read, or to share their passion for the art form. The international event is similar to Record Store Day a tradition that began in 2007 to encourage people to celebrate their love of vinyl.

via It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Free Comic Book Day!.

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