CFFC: They’re Not Toys, They’re COLLECTIBLES!

Because there’s never a bad time to show off your fan stuff.


With a topic like this week’s Fun Foto Challenge, you know I couldn’t resist showing some of my fandom collectibles. 😊 So here you go!

Spartan and Planet Express Ship 6-11-2017 1-41-56 PM.56 Halo Mega Construx 6-20-2017 12-59-53 PM.53

12202016 03 12202016 02

12202016 01 12172016 07

12172016 06 12172016 05

12172016 03 12172016 02

Geek Toys 9-27-2015 12-55-56 PM

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OWPC — Dolls (Of A Sort)

This week’s OWPC gives me a chance to show off some of my geeky toys that loosely fall under the meaning of the word. (Though more technically they’re plushies, figures, figurines, etc.)

12202016 02
12202016 03
Perry the Platypus!
12202016 01
My Funko POP! collection,

12172016 07

12172016 05
Kermit and Pikachu.

12172016 06

12172016 04 12172016 03

12172016 02 12172016 01

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Stuff-a-Blog Stuff About Commuter Rail

Timestamp: 2006-12-22

commuter rail ,
Relevant pics from Flickr

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A New York Times report says commuter rail tunnels vulnerable to sabotage
Report: NYC rail tunnels vulnerable

Yahoo Answers
Twin Cities Commuter Rail Question?
Would you support the construction of a commuter rail in your area if there is not one already?
Why hasn’t Massachusetts placed a commuter rail yet through the cities of Taunton, Fall River, & New Bedford?
Is there a way I can see both a regular map and all the T Stops and/or Commuter Rail Stops? (For Boston, MA)?
What is the correct web address for Metro North Railroad (Northeast commuter rail service)?
How difficult is it to convert regular freight train tracks to commuter train tracks, like light rail?
Confused about rail?

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Diet Coke and Mentos reaction
“SA goons The Linux Fairy and kalenedrael experiment with various sodas and Mentos to get a volley of sugary goodness.”

Testing out GVideo’s new blogging feature.

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