Here Come The Web Warriors!

Teased as far back as early May, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors animated series is a go, revealed Monday by USA Today. As previously speculated, Web Warriors is the third season of the popular Ultimate Spider-Man Disney XD cartoon, and will contain a four-episode animated analogue to the upcoming Spider-Verse Marvel Comics event.

“[The new season is] going to really show how important Spider-Man — and by extension Peter Parker — is to the entire universe we’ve built,” Marvel Television animation vice president (and former Spidey editor) Steve Wacker told USA Today, noting that early episodes of the season will lead up to “Spider-Verse.” “There’s a piece of the puzzle that’s given there and really eagle-eyed Marvel Universe fans will be able to pick it out right away. All these appearances are leading up to a big story late in the season. The kid who’s watching every single week is going to be rewarded with a story that really connects at the end.”

Among the Spider-Men showing up in Ultimate Spider-Man’s version of “Spider-Verse” are Iron Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man 2099 (which will feature a completely different computer-generated design) and a new gender-swapped world featuring Petra Parker, the Amazing Spider-Girl, who works with newspaper editor J. Joan Jameson. The event also brings Miles Morales to animation for the first time in history. In fact, it’s the first time the character has been seen in any other form of media other than comics.

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The only connection between this “Spider-Verse” and the comic event will be the name.

Journey to the Edge of Spider-Verse

When people talk about the “Marvel Universe,” in most cases they’re referring to a world designated Earth 616, home to the classic incarnations of Marvel Comics’ heroes and villains, but the actual size of the company’s shared universe is much far greater and includes numerous dimensions. In these other dimensions history and even reality is often changed, leading to slight or radically different iterations of Marvel characters.

This September readers will travel to five of these different dimensions and encounter five different incarnations of Marvel’s flagship character, the Amazing Spider-Man, in the “Edge of Spider-Verse” miniseries which features work by a different creative team across each of its five issues. CBR News spoke with Senior Editor and Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe and writers Jason Latour & David Hine about their contributions to the series, which paves the way for the upcoming “Spider-Verse” event story line, and also features the Marvel Comics debut of writer Gerard Way.

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Axel-In-Charge 4-18-14

This week, with the final issue of “Superior Spider-Man” now on sale, Alonso discusses the book’s success, and the risk involved with replacing a beloved character like Peter Parker with one of his archenemies for nearly a year and a half. Alonso freely admits he was initially skeptical of the idea, and details his reasons why — and how the story’s reception encourages Marvel to make more bold moves in the future. Also, Alonso shares his enthusiasm for Marvel’s current original graphic novel line, the launches of “Ultimate FF” and “Hulk,” and watching Jason Aaron’s time on the X-books come to a close. Plus, your questions, straight from the CBR forums!

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Axel-In-Charge: Welcoming Back Creators, Experimenting with Numbering – Comic Book Resources

This week, we discuss a cornucopia of recent Marvel-related developments — including the publisher’s long-awaited remastered Miracleman #1, Chris Claremont and the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning duo all returning to the Marvel fold, and weekly April miniseries What If: Age of Ultron, from writer Joe Keatinge and multiple artists. All that, and noted San Francisco 49ers fan Alonso’s take on this past Sunday\’s NFC Championship game.

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Edmondson & Noto Guide the “Black Widow’s” Quest for Atonement – Comic Book Resources

When you spend your days using combat and espionage skills to save the world as a member of the Marvel Universe’s premier super hero team, the Avengers, there’s a good chance you’ll want to spend your off days relaxing and catching up on mundane chores. That’s not how the Black Widow (AKA Natasha Romanoff) chooses to spend her free time, though. Writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Phil Noto kept Natasha busy in the debut issue of the new Black Widow ongoing series, in which their protagonist moonlights as a highly paid mercenary.

The money she earns from these jobs goes toward atoning for the lives she ruined and destroyed during her days as a KGB spy and assassin. Why does Natasha feel she needs to atone? Who’s helping her in her quest? And what kinds of dangers will she run into in the immediate future? For those answers to those questions and more CBR News spoke with Edmondson and Noto about the All-New Marvel NOW! series, the second issue of which is on sale now.

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