Ratings Bonanza for Draft Day

It’s no secret that the NFL drives interest in the sports world, as evidenced by the coverage given to the league year-round.

Fans get college football games, the Senior Bowl, the combine, interviews and Internet coverage to get to know each and every player on the board at the draft. It’s that familiarity that makes the event so compelling.

Don’t expect the boulder to stop rolling down the hill. The draft will only get bigger, the coverage more grand and the fans more prolific.

We hope you enjoy the draft, because you will only see more of it from here on out.

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Mashable Says: It’s Not Johnny Manziel, It’s You

Remember that cocky, cool kid in high school? The jock who all the girls liked, who flaunted his special status but then seemed to always back up the big talk?

Then remember when he fell? Maybe his girlfriend dumped him. Maybe he got injured. Maybe that scholarship to Big State U got pulled. Remember how giddy everyone got dancing on his figurative grave?

Johnny Manziel was that kid at Thursday night’s NFL Draft.

via It’s Not Johnny Manziel, It’s You: When Online Schadenfreude Goes Too Far.