Found this #LittleLibrary in Town

A week or so ago, I discovered this Little Free Library box in a park near where I live. Dunno how long it was there before I found it, but it looked cool. 😁 So the other day I took some photos of it. Enjoy!

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Flower O’ The Day — 6-15-2020

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[D&D5e] The Vault of Ezel Torm

Originally posted on Dyson's Dodecahedron:
Riffing on the Last Home of the Three Heretics of Xaeen map posted last week, Clark Peterson (former founder of Necromancer Games and Legendary Games) put together an overall background and description that then leads into an encounter description for one of the chambers (one of the more evocative…

Premiere Review | Assault Lily: Bouquet

Originally posted on The Afictionado:
What’s it about? Many years ago, mecha-monsters known as the Huge began appearing and wreaking havoc on Earth. Hitotsuyanagi Riri dreams of joining the Lilies, the elite squad of teenaged girls who fight the Huge with a combination of magic and science. Lucky for her, she got on the waitlist…

Weird Autumn: September ’20 Roundup

Originally posted on The Afictionado:
It’s been another busy month, ensconced in grading, teaching, and wading through research! I had to take two days off to sleep the other week, but apart from that I’m holding it together and powering along! In other good news, my brain is processing image-heavy media like comics again, so…

Which Way Challenge – Jan. 3, 2020

Here’s my last-minute entry for the latest Which Way Challenge.

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Black and White — I’ll Take Two!

Here’s my entry for this week’s Black and White Challenge. Hope you like ’em!

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