#ColorYourWorld – Yellow

My entry for the CYW challenge for Yellow!

Yellow Plushies
Pikachu and a Minion

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Cee’s B&WC — Toys

Here’s my shot at this week’s Black & White Challenge.

20141025_162905 (1280x960) 20141025_162913 (1280x943) 20141025_162924 (1280x960) 20141025_162930 (1280x927)

If you recognize some of these, it’s because they appeared in an earlier post.

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OBPC Week 25 — Plushies!

For this week’s Odd Ball Challenge, I decided to post some pics of my small collection of plushies.

No, it’s not weird that a guy my age has plushies. 🙂

20140813_184236 20140815_072453 (1280x960)

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