The LEGO® Experience Tour Hits the Road

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The LEGO® Experience Tour Hits the Road With Building Fun for the Entire Family:

“CHICAGO, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ — LEGO Systems, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of construction toys and experiences for families, starts a nationwide tour, called The LEGO® Experience, this weekend, August 15 and 16, at Chicago‘s Lincoln Park Zoo.

Scheduled to visit 23 cities throughout the United States, The LEGO Experience lets children and adults alike immerse themselves in the best that the LEGO brand has to offer, from hands-on, minds-on building fun to family building games and challenges to video games and inspiration models.”

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Lego Matrix

I found this fascinating quote today:

Here’s a Lego diorama of one of the best scenes of Matrix Revolutions: Zion’s last stand against the Matrix, humans in their mechas against merciless Sentinels. The close-up of the human resistance mecha begs for an official Lego version.Take the Walkman 30th Birthday Quiz, Jun 2009

You should read the whole article.

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New Attractions at Disneyland This Summer

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Video: Disneyland Resort Celebrates Summer Nightastic! With New Shows, Surprises in the Night Sky and Valuable Offers:

“Nighttime entertainment, always an exciting part of summer at Disneyland Resort, appears in a whole new light – bigger, bolder and brighter – during Summer Nightastic! Dumbo makes his debut in the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle in the ‘Magical’ fireworks spectacular and Tinker Bell leads the way in ‘Disney’s Electrical Parade.’ New creatures will thrill guests in this summer’s ‘Fantasmic!’ show, rockin’ bands and DJs heat up a great new dance club in Tomorrowland and the fairies of Pixie Hollow play under the lights for the first time. Later this summer, a new, 40-foot-tall dragon will breathe fire across the Rivers of America in ‘Fantasmic!'”

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[Flickr] Ron Bailey wants you to see something

Day 30 LEGO 365

About the set
270 items | 2063 views

a LEGO a day for a year.

I also made a pretty photo-blog for this project. Flickr is more of a storage crate for it. So please check out the photos here:


A selection of things from the set

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

(By the way, if the set link doesn’t work, try copying and pasting it from this email into your browser’s address bar.)

Flickr is almost certainly the best photo management and sharing application in the world. If you’d like to see what I use it for you can check out my profile page or browse my photostream.

Note: The “I” referred to in this post is not me, but the photographer.

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Links for 01-25-09

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Links for 2009-01-25 []

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Fave Mosaic 01-13-09

Fave Mosaic 01-13-09Image by RJ Bailey via Flickr
Fave Mosaic 01-13-09
Originally uploaded by RJ Bailey.

1. stop pushing california, 2. I’m On Amtrak!, 3. From harbor to harbor on the harbor, 4. DSCN0499, 5. Amoco switcher, 6. IHB 2924, 7. Day 226, 8. Join the BART Police, 9. Sandy Hook, 10. CSX, 11. Join the BART Police, 12. Join the BART Police, 13. Kitkat Marron – limited edition, 14. Ares I-X Movie Poster, 15. Ares I and Ares I-X Rockets, 16. Day 190, 17. Day 209, 18. Day 210, 19. Charlie Creek Bridge, 20. Flickr in Verizon Blackberry Storm Ad, 21. Flickr in Verizon Blackberry Storm Ad, 22. josh’s newly etched laptop, 23. Hacking around with maps., 24. Make: television, 25. Make: television

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