Black and White: Statues and Sculptures

Here’s my entry for this week’s Black and White Challenge. Enjoy! 🙂

Muffler Man 8-26-2018 11-26-057
Do you know the Muffler Man? ^_^

The Market on State in Sepia 8-25-2017 2-53-03 PM

Fountain Sculpture 6-27-2017 11-24-48 AM Gorilla Sculpture at Columbus Zoo 5-31-2014 12-59-19 PM

Pepe Sculpture 5-31-2014 2-39-57 PM Rocky Statue 10-1-2015 10-59-57 AM

Spider-Man Mini Statue 6-26-2017 12-48-17 PM
Dunno if this counts as a statue, but it looks cool, doesn’t it?

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