#ThursdayDoors 12-1-16

It’s been a while, but I’m back with a new Thursday Doors for ya!

This week, it’s another church in Nelsonville.

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11302016 06

11302016 01 11302016 02

11302016 03

11302016 04
I think this is a basement door. I didn’t check.

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#ThursdayDoors 9-8-16

Not a lot this week, just a couple random snaps around town 🙂


 photo Thursday Door 9-8-16 1.jpg
Sometime The Mine puts in this temporary screen door.


 photo Thursday Door 9-8-16 2.jpg
This is like something Norm posted about.


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#ThursdayDoors 8-19-16: Nelsonville American Legion Building

Here’s my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors. I’ve made several posts featuring this building’s side entrance, but this is the first I’ve made one about its front. So here ya go! 🙂


 photo 106a50bb-2827-43ab-bc4b-5fd2e7b9f584.jpg


 photo d0b180c6-aacf-4c86-ad8c-39ca5a529a8c.jpg
The door isn’t that impressive in and of itself, but check out the nice-looking overhang.


 photo 7a5f328b-cc9a-409c-88f3-904be5b13312.jpg
A closer look.


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