#todayis Live Creative Day…

…and I’m showing off some of my artwork!

…and I’m showing off some art I made a few years back. They may not be Louvre-quality, but I’m pretty proud of ’em. 🙂


 photo 09142016 02.jpg


 photo 09142016 03.jpg


 photo 09142016 04.jpg


 photo 09142016 05.jpg


 photo 09142016 01.jpg


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#todayis Video Games Day!

It’s Video Games Day today! Let’s play School Idol Festival!

I dunno if School Idol Festival counts as a video game, but it’s the closest I have to one. 😊


 photo 09122016 11.jpg
If these girls look familiar to you, that’s because this game is based on Love Live! School Idol Project.


 photo 09122016 12.jpg
Pick a song…


 photo 09122016 13.jpg
…and tap the pictures in time to the rhythm.


 photo 09122016 14.jpg


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