Cee’s Black and White: Trains!

All aboard!

All aboard, everybody! Here’s my entry for this week’s Black and White Challenge! Enjoy!

First, let’s start off worth some pics I took around the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway recently. (Here they are in color.)

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-14-2018 6-34-33 PM Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-14-2018 6-35-00 PM

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-14-2018 6-36-43 PM Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-14-2018 6-37-10 PM

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-14-2018 6-39-54 PM Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-14-2018 6-40-28 PM

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-14-2018 6-41-46 PM Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-15-2018 6-40-25 AM

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway - BW 6-15-2018 6-40-34 AM

Now let’s visit a traveling model train layout. (See them in color!)

nelsonville-rail-fair-10-21-2017-2-50-19-pm_37584333490_o nelsonville-rail-fair-10-21-2017-2-52-13-pm_37842190771_o

nelsonville-rail-fair-10-21-2017-2-52-25-pm_37584332850_o nelsonville-rail-fair-10-21-2017-2-52-36-pm_37842189771_o

nelsonville-rail-fair-10-21-2017-2-52-44-pm_37584332380_o nelsonville-rail-fair-10-21-2017-12-05-56-pm_37842188171_o

Some older railcars along the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. (See them (and lots of other sights) in color.)

bikepath-walk-4-24-16-19_26392574300_o bikepath-walk-4-24-16-20_26392573460_o

bikepath-walk-4-24-16-23_26572648332_o Old Family Lines caboose.

Finally, check out this restored steam loco. (In color)

22239973902_ab489fac96_o 22064752790_1fcaa37863_o

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#ThursdayDoors 3-5-16 — All Aboard!

Doing something a little different for this week’s Thursday Doors as we visit Nelsonville’s Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.

 photo IMG_20160227_122509 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122527 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122611 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122632 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122749 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122813 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122852 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122927 1280x958 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122934 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_122944 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_123908 1280x960 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_123955 1280x943 Mark.jpg

 photo IMG_20160227_124037 1280x960 Mark.jpg


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FFC Part 2 — More Wheels (And Other Stuff) On The HSVR

It was a pretty nice day yesterday, so I decided go on a walkabout. My wanderings led to a familiar spot: the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. Being the mild railfan I am, I decided to take some pics.

IMG_20140907_161244 IMG_20140907_161248 IMG_20140907_161307 IMG_20140907_161321 IMG_20140907_161402 IMG_20140907_161444 IMG_20140907_161450 IMG_20140907_161612 IMG_20140907_161710 IMG_20140907_161741

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FFC — Wheels on the Cabooose Train

Today’s the last day for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge, so I’d better get to work! 😉

A little over a week ago, the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway had the Caboose Train, which is exactly what it sounds like. 🙂 I took some photos with my phone, so here ya go! 😉

IMG_20140830_105351 IMG_20140830_105414 IMG_20140830_105431 IMG_20140830_105435 IMG_20140830_105455 IMG_20140830_105500 IMG_20140830_105510 IMG_20140830_105523 IMG_20140830_105539 IMG_20140830_105551 IMG_20140830_105603 IMG_20140830_105614 IMG_20140830_105628 IMG_20140830_105641 IMG_20140830_105653 IMG_20140830_105739 IMG_20140830_110122 IMG_20140830_110344

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