Sunday Stills: You want Fall Colors?

I got your fall colors right here! 🙂

IMG_20141024_170855 (1280x956)

IMG_20141024_170745 (1280x945)

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Cee’s Challenge Double Shot — Which Way / Green

Hey, gang, it’s Photo Challenge time! 🙂

I’m killing two birds with this post: the Which Way Challenge and this week’s Fun Foto Challenge.

I took these photos on a walking trail on the Good Works property. There’s a lot of greenery (get it? 🙂 ) around.

IMG_20140912_184842 (1280x913) IMG_20140912_184856 (1280x960) IMG_20140912_184951 (1280x958) IMG_20140912_185017 (1280x926) IMG_20140912_185101 (1280x959) IMG_20140912_185128 (1280x958) IMG_20140912_185207 (1280x960) IMG_20140912_185212 (1280x960) IMG_20140912_185317 (1280x960) IMG_20140912_185401 (1280x960) IMG_20140912_185619 (1280x960) IMG_20140912_185744 (1280x951) IMG_20140912_185916 (1280x958) IMG_20140912_185922 (1280x960) IMG_20140912_190249 Stitch (1280x401) IMG_20140912_190427 (1280x960)

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Photo Challenge Double-shot: Trees With A Close-Up

Like the title says, I’m doing two challenge entries in this pot: Cee’s latest Fun Foto Challenge and this week’s Travel Theme.

IMG_20140506_160640 (1280x949)
This tree was just outside the library.
IMG_20140506_160854 (1280x957) Stitch
A tree on the Public Square.
IMG_20140506_160928 (1280x960)
A close-up of the tree in the above photo. Dunno what this is, but it looks interesting. ^_^
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