Which Way Challenge – Jan. 3, 2020

Here’s my last-minute entry for the latest Which Way Challenge.

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Which Way 6-9-17: It’s Orange Barrel Season!

It’s summer, and like the title implies, it’s roadwork season in Ohio, and orange barrels are popping up all over! So here’s my entry for this week’s Which Way!

Orange Barrel Season 01 Orange Barrel Season 02

Orange Barrel Season 03 Orange Barrel Season 04

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Challenge Double-Shot: Which Way 5-26-17/Tuesday Photo Challenge 58: Street

Here’s a post that should fulfill two challenges: Cee’s latest Which Way and this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge.  I did some digging in my Flickr photostream to find these. So here ya go!

IMG_20150730_200009 Mark IMG_20150524_152906 (1280x958)

Two years ago today from #Timehop.   #Nelsonville #Ohio #AthensCountyOhio #ohiogram #ohioigers #ohioexplored #letsroamohio The Public Square all lit up for the #holidays.   #Nelsonville #Ohio #AthensCountyOhio #ohiogram #ohioigers #ohioexplored #letsroamohio

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Which Way Challenge II: The Wrath of Cee 8-17-16

Not much for this week’s entry, just some street signs.


 photo b23722b5-4c01-4b08-9767-fb2cdeb5beb0.jpg


 photo ef0f01a9-bcc4-4887-b31e-5c8bcbdd09c2.jpg


 photo 77c36974-3a8a-495c-be93-d62be7c699c8.jpg
Three signs, one pic 🙂



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Cee’s Challenge Double-Shot! Black & White/Which Way

Roadscapes is the theme of this week’s Black & White Challenge, and since roads are involved, I thought I might as well submit this for this week’s WWC, too.

Share and enjoy. 🙂

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WWC ’15 Week 1 — #ThrowbackThursday on the Bikeway

Hey, gang! I’m here with my first Cee’s Challenge post of the year!

This week, I’m digging up some pics from my archives that I took along the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway a few years back.

You can learn more about this and other rail-trails at The Rails-To-Trails Conservancy and TrailLink.

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