WPC: The Artsy Side of Nelsonville

It’s time once again for another Weekly Photo Challenge! Today, let’s see some works of art around my hometown.

First, let’s look at this mural opposite the post office.

IMG_20140517_115205 (1280x960) Stitch12

IMG_20140517_115105 (1280x957)11

The Rocky store has a really big mural on it…

IMG_20140517_171247 (1280x954) 02 IMG_20140517_171411 (1280x943) 03



…and this really nice ram statue…

IMG_20140517_171416 (1280x944) 04

…and some cool stuff inside!

IMG_20140517_171629 (960x1280) 05 IMG_20140517_171717 (948x1280) 06 IMG_20140517_171800 (909x1280) 07

Of course, some artworks are in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

IMG_20140517_111301 (960x1280)03

IMG_20140517_111251 (958x1280)02

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Weekly Photo Challenge — Letters at ACC

I go to Athens Community Church. Today we celebrated the church’s 10th anniversary.  We had cake and punch in the kid’s ministry/office building. There’s lots of writings on the walls. Which leads to my entry in this week’s Photo Challenge.

IMG_20140427_101038 (1280x942) Stitch IMG_20140427_101058 (1280x958) IMG_20140427_101116 (1280x958) IMG_20140427_101135 (1280x925) IMG_20140427_101143 (1280x960)

BONUS: Remember when Radio Shack used this logo?

IMG_20140427_102331 (960x1280)

If you do, congratulations! You’re old! 😀

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Weekly Photo Challenge — On Top

Nelsonville’s Crabtree Field is a baseball field behind the local GoMart. You reach it by going up a set of stairs built into the hill. I decided it’d make a good subject for this week’s Photo Challenge when I went over to the GoMart yesterday.

IMG_20140420_142926 (1280x958) IMG_20140420_142936 (1280x956) IMG_20140420_143024 (1280x937) IMG_20140420_143029 (1280x947) IMG_20140420_143034 (1280x960) IMG_20140420_143042 (1280x959) IMG_20140420_143048 (1280x945) IMG_20140420_143056 (1280x960) IMG_20140420_143110 (1280x960)

Weekly Photo Challenge — Monument

You wouldn’t think a city as small as Nelsonville, OH would have anything that would qualify for this week’s Photo Challenge.

You’d be surprised. 😉

The Central School Bell in Nelsonville. In the background, you can see the Nelsonville Cross.
The Central School Bell in Nelsonville. In the background, you can see the Nelsonville Cross.

IMG_20140412_133655 (960x1280) IMG_20140412_133748 (956x1280) IMG_20140412_133825 (949x1280)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life — and Some Excitement

I was taking some shots for this week’s challenge when there was a little excitement.

First, some pictures of my hometown of Nelsonville, OH.

IMG_20140401_162053 (958x1280) IMG_20140401_162515 (960x1280) IMG_20140401_162641 (957x1280) IMG_20140401_163459 (947x1280) IMG_20140401_170618 (960x1280)IMG_20140401_172139 (960x1280)

Then came the bit of excitement.

IMG_20140401_162758 (960x1280) IMG_20140401_162931 (954x1280) IMG_20140401_163444 (960x1280) IMG_20140401_170941 (957x1280) IMG_20140401_171122 (943x1280) IMG_20140401_171138 (957x1280) IMG_20140401_171236 (960x1280) IMG_20140401_171240 (951x1280) IMG_20140401_171912 (960x1280) IMG_20140401_171927 (941x1280)

Still not sure what all the kerfuffle was about, but it just goes to show you never know what’s gonna happen on a given day. ^_^