BWC: People at Work

Here’s my entry for this week’s Black & White Challenge. Enjoy!

People at Work BW 6-14-2018 1-39-04 PM People at Work BW 10-20-2017 1-36-01 PM

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Study: Busywork Is Good For You!

While the ability to focus and create and be truly productive is indispensable, it’s not like you can or should run that way all day long. You might think that in an ideal world you’d work uninterrupted and unimpeded for hours at a stretch. But the truth is that into every life a little busywork must flow. We all have inboxes that need clearing, documents that need filing, and plenty of other littler tasks that may not make it onto your resume, but are worth getting done—and which may actually cheer you up as you’re doing them. We often schedule things that we don’t want to do, but try also scheduling in some time for some rote work. It will make you feel happier and more accomplished.

We have natural rhythms, waxing and waning attentions, and a finite amount of energy and hours in any given day. What this research drives home for me is that that’s what makes the focused, heavy-lifting time that much more precious—because it’s rare. A little busywork, especially during a low energy point in your day, may very well contribute to a sense of accomplishment you need to feel—because that’s what will, in turn, fuel you on the days when the lifting is heavy, and the victories are harder won.

via Why Busywork Makes You Happy.