From Twitter 08-02-2010

listening to “Paramore – Paramore – Decode” ♫
Liked “Microsoft algorithm uses six-axis motion sensors to fix blurry snapshots, inadvertantly pimping your ride…”
Liked “A universe could exist ‘inside every black hole,’ claims scientist – Telegraph”
Liked “Hot Starcraft II is Frying Graphics Cards, Blizzard Issues Temporary Fix”
Forza 3 DLC is this week’s Xbox Live deal | Joystiq

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From Twitter 07-30-2010

Just got my FREE subscription to – The Indisputable Leading Print Magazine on Web Business
generic page name here via @AddToAny
First Look: BAE’s New Ground Combat Vehicle | Defense Tech: via @addthis
My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Green Day (5), Godsmack (3) and Nickelback (2) #music
Decide the fate of Carmine T-Shirts [pic]

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From Twitter 07-27-2010

The Old Grey Hare
Whitestar Class Database
Tinashi Class Database
Sharlin Class Database
Want An Improved Chase? Get Out of NFL’s Way
MegaTokyo – [1278] what i hate about you
ADFX-02 Morgan
100_5367 [pic]

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