#ThursdayDoors 12-1-16

It’s been a while, but I’m back with a new Thursday Doors for ya!

This week, it’s another church in Nelsonville.

11302016 00 11302016 05

11302016 06

11302016 01 11302016 02

11302016 03

11302016 04
I think this is a basement door. I didn’t check.

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CFFC – Light Greens

It’s not easy…

Here’s my entry for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge!


 photo Kermit.jpg
Hi ho!


 photo Perry.jpg


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CWW 9-24-16

(Sorry, no cutesy sequel title this week. 😅)

This week, more pics I took over the blogging break.


 photo 09022016 07.jpg


 photo 09022016 08.jpg


 photo 09022016 09.jpg


 photo 09022016 10.jpg


 photo 09022016 11.jpg


 photo 09022016 12.jpg
These steps need some attention.


 photo 09022016 13.jpg


 photo 09022016 14.jpg


 photo 09022016 15.jpg
I kinda like how this part of the sidewalk is designed.


 photo 09022016 16.jpg


 photo 09022016 01.jpg


 photo 09022016 17.jpg
Love how this turned out.



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