‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Plot to Focus on Death Star

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The upcoming “Star Wars” standalone film, “Rogue One,” will follow a group trying to steal the Death Star plans, it was revealed at Sunday’s Star Wars Celebration, which also showed a special teaser for the upcoming spinoff.

“A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans in Star Wars anthology film, Rogue One,” the official Star Wars account tweeted on Sunday.

Felicity Jones, who was previously confirmed to star in “Rogue One,” will play a rebel soldier. The film will take place between Episode III and Episode IV, but closer to “A New Hope.”

[pmc-related-link href=”http://variety.com/2015/film/news/star-wars-trailer-force-awakens-new-video-1201473286/” type=”See More:” target=”_self”]Watch the New ‘Star Wars: Force Awakens’ Trailer[/pmc-related-link]

The news was revealed at a panel with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm SVP of development Kiri Hart and “Rogue One” director Gareth Edwards. Josh Trank was scheduled to appear at the panel to discuss his own…

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The Year Of Mobile Payments

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Editor’s note: Alix Murphy is a mobile telecommunications industry professional with experience in electronic and mobile identity, mobile payments and international development sectors. She is a senior mobile analyst at WorldRemit.

Ask most people what the state of mobile payments is today, and they’ll tell you it’s just kicking off. With Facebook announcing the option to send money to friends via Messenger and the release of Apple Pay last year, 2015 has excitedly been dubbed “The Year of Mobile Payments.” Yet what most people don’t realise is that these services are already lagging 10 years behind.

I’m not just talking about Google Wallet or Square, both launched in 2011, or wallets like MasterPass and Visa’s V.me, all of which have struggled to gain traction among both consumers and merchants. The latest report by InfoScout and PYMNTS.com revealed last month that 85% of iPhone 6 users still have never tried using Apple Pay, despite enthusiasts’…

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Clippers looking to change logo during offseason; let’s hope this one isn’t it

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Some photos leaked on Friday of what were supposedly new uniforms and a new logo design that are in the works for the Los Angeles Clippers.

They’re … not great.



While we don’t yet know if these will be the ones that make the final cut, we do know the team is looking at options for a rebrand once the offseason begins.

From Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles Clippers are exploring changing their logo, colors and uniforms and could introduce changes as early as this offseason, multiple sources told ESPN.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has been looking to rebrand the team since purchasing the franchise for a record $2 billion in August and has been reviewing possible changes since November when he hired Gillian Zucker as president of business operations.

Early designs of two of the Clippers’ proposed new uniforms were posted online by Paul Lukas…

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Cardale Jones’ 74-yard throw highlights OSU halftime contests

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[btn-fdm-player id=”430220355566″ overlay=”Cardale Jones shows off his incredible arm!” title=”B1G HIGHLIGHT” content=”Ohio State QB Cardale Jones throws a football 74 yards in the halftime throwoff at OSU’s spring game.”]

There is a reason Ohio State coaches, players and fans refer to quarterback Cardale Jones as “12 Gauge.”

[ MORE: Watch replay of Ohio State spring game on BTN2Go ]

Jones has one of the strongest arms in college football, and he showed off that golden arm during the halftime activities of OSU’s spring football game.

Jones took place in a throwoff content at halftime, along with fellow OSU quarterback J.T. Barrett and former Buckeye QB Troy Smith.

Barrett threw it 59 yards, followed by Smith, who tossed a 68-yard pass down the field. But it was Jones who stole the show, launching an eye-popping 74-yard throw en route to winning the quarterback throwoff.

[ MORE: Get all of Saturday’s top…

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Reigning champ Ohio State draws spring game record 99,391 fans

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[btn-fdm-player id=”430220355566″ overlay=”Cardale Jones can throw a ball really far” title=”B1G HIGHLIGHT” content=”Ohio State QB Cardale Jones throws a football 74 yards in a halftime event.”]

To say Ohio State fans are excited about the 2015 season is an understatement.

[ MORE: Watch replay of Ohio State spring game on BTN2Go ]

Who can blame them? The Buckeyes are the reigning national champs and they return much of their top talent, including Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott and the much-talked-about quarterback trio.

Ohio State fans are so excited for their title defense that they packed a national spring game record 99,391 into Ohio Stadium for Saturday’s annual Scarlet-Gray Spring Game.

Again, that’s 99,391. For a spring game.

Incredible. Great work, Ohio State fans.

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The Unbundling Of Everything

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Editor’s note: Joe McCann is a co-founder and CEO of NodeSource. He is a hacker, tinkerer, builder and breaker with more than 13 years of web, mobile and software development experience.

We’ve been living in a bundled world. ESPN packaged with Nickelodeon, healthcare tied to employers, learning wrapped up in colleges and degree programs. We’ve grown up surrounded by so many bundled products and services that it’s easy to become blind to the flexibility and value presented by unbundling.

Bundling can occur for a couple of reasons. One scenario is when companies try to force consumers to buy something they don’t really want by packaging it with something they do — like albums that only contain one good song. But bundling can make sense when transaction costs for individual products or services (monetary or otherwise) are too high to justify buying those products separately.

As Internet-based technologies…

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On The War On General Purpose Computing

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The powers that be want to control your phones and your drones. And who can blame them? It was inevitable. Of course they’re upset that smartphones are making it hard to catch speeders. Of course manufacturers are hurrying to ensure that drones refuse to fly to certain locations, before they’re forced to do so by law. Those are the instruments of power in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Meanwhile, the FBI–apparently so drunk on the power of arbitrary wiretapping that they have grown to think of it as their inalienable right, even when technology…

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We Need Algorithmic Angels

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Editor’s note: Jarno M. Koponen is a designer, humanist and co-founder of media discovery startup Random. His passion is to explore and create audacious human-centered digital experiences.

A lot has been written on how algorithms are manipulating this and that in today’s Internet. However, there haven’t been many concrete proposals about how to create more human-centered algorithmic solutions. For example, do we need algorithms that are on our side?

The lost algorithmic me

Digital products are moving from our pockets to our skin and finally inside of us. Today algorithms affect what we see online; tomorrow they’ll modify our physical reality at home, in a car or in an urban environment.

Through personalization we become parts of algorithmic systems that we don’t control. Indeed, there lies a great paradox in the very core of personalization. Contrary to what the concept suggests, we can’t actually personally control personalization. We can’t control our algorithmic selves. There are several…

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Picacho Peak Panorama

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Image Credit & Copyright: Sean Parker.

Here’s another amazing image from Sean Parker, this time it’s a 12 image mosaic panorama of the Milky Way galaxy reaching across the Arizona sky. The scene is Picacho Peak, about 40 miles north of Tucson. Every time I see images like this I just can’t wait until the day I can get back to the southwest desert and enjoy some of those hot nights, clear skies and wide open horizons.

Picacho Peak is actually an Arizona State Park and its name means, well, “Big Peak” as it rises to a height of 3,374 ft. (1,028 m) above sea level. The entire land area of the park is nearly 4,000 acres so if you have the chance to visit, please do and have some great views hiking in the wide open Arizona desert.

I hope you enjoy this image by Sean (How can you…

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