CFFC – Light Greens

It’s not easy…

Here’s my entry for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge!


 photo Kermit.jpg
Hi ho!


 photo Perry.jpg


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CWW 9-24-16

(Sorry, no cutesy sequel title this week. 😅)

This week, more pics I took over the blogging break.


 photo 09022016 07.jpg


 photo 09022016 08.jpg


 photo 09022016 09.jpg


 photo 09022016 10.jpg


 photo 09022016 11.jpg


 photo 09022016 12.jpg
These steps need some attention.


 photo 09022016 13.jpg


 photo 09022016 14.jpg


 photo 09022016 15.jpg
I kinda like how this part of the sidewalk is designed.


 photo 09022016 16.jpg


 photo 09022016 01.jpg


 photo 09022016 17.jpg
Love how this turned out.



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CB&W 9-22-16 – Two!

Here’s my entry for this week’s Black & White Challenge.


 photo 2016-09-023.jpg
Two different things: My Homura plushie in my Venom mug.


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Which Way 2! The Sequel — 9-15-16

Cee’s back, and it’s time for a new CWW!

Cee’s back, and it’s time for a new CWW! I took a lot of shots over Cee’s sabbatical, but I won’t overwhelm with all of them once. 😊 I’ll just put up a few tonight.


 photo 09022016 02.jpg


 photo 09022016 03.jpg


 photo 09022016 05.jpg
My local library just got its front walk redone!

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#todayis Live Creative Day…

…and I’m showing off some of my artwork!

…and I’m showing off some art I made a few years back. They may not be Louvre-quality, but I’m pretty proud of ’em. 🙂


 photo 09142016 02.jpg


 photo 09142016 03.jpg


 photo 09142016 04.jpg


 photo 09142016 05.jpg


 photo 09142016 01.jpg


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#todayis Video Games Day!

It’s Video Games Day today! Let’s play School Idol Festival!

I dunno if School Idol Festival counts as a video game, but it’s the closest I have to one. 😊


 photo 09122016 11.jpg
If these girls look familiar to you, that’s because this game is based on Love Live! School Idol Project.


 photo 09122016 12.jpg
Pick a song…


 photo 09122016 13.jpg
…and tap the pictures in time to the rhythm.


 photo 09122016 14.jpg


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Field Notes: Junior Innovation Camp News

Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do when not in front of a computer.

Today I’d like to share some experiences we had during the Junior Innovator Camp that was part of the Wonder Women Tech conference earlier this summer. I was joined by my colleagues Marjorie Asturias (who also spoke), Sarah Blackstock, Erica Varlese, and Anne McCarthy.

Wonder Women Tech, where Automattic was a sponsor, is a conference that highlights women in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), and provides a forum for discussing important topics around diversity. The two-day event drew over 150 speakers, all of whom were successful entrepreneurs or business leaders, who shared their triumphs, failings, and learned lessons. The conference offered educational opportunities to a number of area students who were attending on scholarships.


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#ThursdayDoors 9-8-16

Not a lot this week, just a couple random snaps around town🙂


 photo Thursday Door 9-8-16 1.jpg
Sometime The Mine puts in this temporary screen door.


 photo Thursday Door 9-8-16 2.jpg
This is like something Norm posted about.


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