CFFC -Tracks! (Lengthy)

Here’s my entry for this week’s CFFC! With a tourist train operation and a bike path that parallels it, there’s always opportunity for good railroad photos in Nelsonville!


 photo IMG_20160709_105843 1280x959 Mark.jpg

Bikepath Walk 4-24-16 05 Bikepath Walk 4-24-16 14

Bikepath Walk 4-24-16 50 Bikepath Walk 4-24-16 11

Bikepath Walk 4-24-16 03 The recently-restored HSVR No. 3.

The recently-restored HSVR No. 3. The recently-restored HSVR No. 3.

The recently-restored HSVR No. 3. The recently-restored HSVR No. 3.

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway  5-23-2015 1-05-24 PM Hocking Valley Scenic Railway  5-23-2015 1-15-49 PM

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway  5-23-2015 1-16-53 PM Hocking Valley Scenic Railway  5-23-2015 12-58-14 PM

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A collection of pictures of sign around my hometown.

Think I’m cuttin’ it close, but I’ve finally made my entry for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge! Be advised, there’s quite a few pics here. ^_^


 photo IMG_20160713_170220 960x1280.jpg
The federally mandated Pokemon Go sign. ^_^


 photo IMG_20160712_114010 960x1280 Mark.jpg


 photo IMG_20160712_114511 958x1280 Mark.jpg


 photo IMG_20160712_165607 943x1280 Mark.jpg


 photo IMG_20160712_165636 957x1280 Mark.jpg


 photo IMG_20160712_165736 1280x958 Mark.jpg


 photo IMG_20160713_110341 911x1280.jpg


 photo IMG_20160713_110621 960x1280.jpg


 photo IMG_20160713_110737 1280x960.jpg


 photo IMG_20160713_110905 1280x958.jpg




 photo IMG_20160708_173818 958x1280 Mark.jpg
This counts as a sign, I guess. ^_^


 photo IMG_20160702_101254 1168x1280 Mark.jpg

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On Sulu, diversity, and change (minor STAR TREK BEYOND spoilers)

Christopher L. Bennett: Written Worlds

Well, just days after I made a post assessing my own work for its gender/sexual inclusiveness, we get a noteworthy piece of news from the makers of the upcoming Star Trek Beyond: The movie will establish in passing that Sulu has a husband and a daughter. The daughter is most likely Demora, a character established in Star Trek Generations, but the news everyone’s reacting to is that Sulu is married to a man. This is not being treated as a big deal in the movie, but it’s made quite the ripple in popular culture. The makers of Star Trek have been making noises about LGBT inclusion for decades, but they’ve never followed through until now. We got a few indirect attempts, the boldest being DS9’s “Rejoined” and its then-controversial same-sex kiss between Jadzia Dax and her former husband who was now in a female host — and the…

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Challenge Triple Play! Look Up/Ceilings/Indoors

It’s not every day that you realize that you have pictures that you can enter in more than two challenges. But this week’s OWPC, Daily Post Photo Challenge, and Travel Theme all had themes that these pics could reasonably fit into. So here ya go! ^_^


 photo IMG_20160706_111337 958x1280 Mark.jpg


 photo IMG_20160708_173949 1280x946 Mark.jpg


 photo IMG_20160708_150935 1280x960 Mark.jpg


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Thoughts on GAMERA THE BRAVE and series overview (spoilers)

Christopher L. Bennett: Written Worlds

Wrapping up my Gamera reviews now, we come to the final film to date, Gamera: The Brave (Chiisaki Yūsha-tachi Gamera, literally Young Braves of Gamera). This film came out in 2006, seven years after the end of Shusuke Kaneko’s trilogy. It’s interesting how the Gamera films after the original series never seem to overlap with Godzilla. The 1980 revival came about midway between the end of the Showa Godzilla series in 1975 and the start of the Heisei series in 1984. The Heisei Gamera trilogy began in 1995, a year after Heisei Godzilla ended, then continued in ’96 and skipped forward to ’99, a year after the TriStar Godzilla and nine months before the start of the Millennium Godzilla series. And Gamera: The Brave came out two years after the Millennium series ended (although it’s still considered a Heisei-era film, since we’re still in the reign of…

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Thoughts on Gamera: The Heisei-Era trilogy (spoilers)

Christopher L. Bennett: Written Worlds

The main reason I decided to do this Gamera watch-through is because of the acclaim I’d heard for the Gamera reboot trilogy made in the ’90s, and after slogging through the mostly childish, cheesy, formulaic films of the original series, I’m finally there. Intriguingly, these were the first kaiju films directed by Shusuke Kaneko, who would later direct Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, the best of the Millennium-era Godzilla films. They also have the same composer as that film, Kow Otani. So this should be interesting.

Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe (Gamera: Daikaiju Kuuchuu Kessen, literally Gamera: Giant Monster Midair Battle, almost the same title as the original Gamera vs. Gyaos) came out in 1995, a year after the end of the Heisei-era Godzilla series, and follows its lead by rebooting in a much more serious, mature vein. After…

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Challenge Double-shot: #ThursdayDoors/Open

It’s time for a new Thursday Doors, and it’s another dual-purpose entry. This time, it’s also an entry for Hugh’s latest challenge, called Open.

If you think this pic looks familiar, you’re right! It’s the color version of the one I submitted for Cee’s last B&W Challenge yesterday.

 photo IMG_20160610_170009.jpg


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