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Neighborhood Nestwatch: Citizen Science in Action

Originally posted on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region:

Measuring a chickadee captured in a mist net in my neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Beth.
Measuring a chickadee captured in a mist net in my neighborhood. Photo courtesy of Beth.
Today we are hearing from guest blogger Beth Goldstein who participated in Neighborhood Nestwatch with her family.
Today we are hearing from guest blogger Beth Goldstein who participated in Neighborhood Nestwatch with her family. Photo courtesy of Beth.

Three years ago, as I was climbing the stairs in my office building, something caught my eye on the staircase bulletin board. It was a flier inviting volunteers to enroll in Neighborhood Nestwatch, a citizen-science program that offers opportunities to be a biologist in your own backyard. It was late spring, the school year was winding down and I was looking for something fun to do with the kids over the summer.

Soon I was contacted to schedule a date for the crew to survey birds at my house. I couldn’t help but wonder if they knew what they were getting into. I live just a couple blocks away from downtown Northampton, Massachusetts…

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September 22 is National White Chocolate Day

Originally posted on Foodimentary - National Food Holidays:


Here are today’s five thing to know about White Chocolate:

  1. White chocolate originates from the cocoa (cacao) plant, but it is not ‘chocolate.’
  2. According to the FDA, to be called ‘chocolate’ a product must contain chocolate liquor, which is what gives it the biter intense chocolate flavor (and color) to dark and milk chocolates.
  3. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, lecithin and flavorings (usually including vanilla). Cocoa butter is the fat from cocoa beans, extracted from the cocoa beans during the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder. Cocoa butter has very little ‘chocolate’ flavor.
  4. Cocoa butter is one of the ingredients used to make real chocolate, it is gives chocolate the ability to remain solid at room temperature, yet melt easily in the mouth.
  5. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats known, containing natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity and give it a storage life of…

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Windows 9’s Preview May Not Touch Down Until October

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Remember that upcoming Windows 9 event that Microsoft is hosting on September 30? It might not mark the actual release of Windows 9’s technical preview, as was long expected. According to Paul Thurrott, that bit of code might not become available until October.

So put your laptop down and pout, because the wait might be longer than you expected.

Component to his report on the release situation, Thurrott dug into a host of other Windows 9 topics, most importantly confirming the riff that the update cycle for the hoi polloi will indeed be quite rapid. Here’s Paul [Emphasis original]:

Microsoft has created a new Windows Insider Preview Program so that users can get more frequent preview builds and provide feedback to the company.

Once you’ve signed up, you can use the Windows Feedback app to navigate through a menu of top-level choices (Recent Applications, Apps and Windows…

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Grubhub targets cash-rich, brain-poor consumers with “Bro, do you even takeout?” ad campaign

Originally posted on PandoDaily:

Silicon Valley gets a lot of shit — rightly so — for the brogrammer culture that has infected some, though not all, west coast tech startups. Uber, Snapchat, Genius, Tinder all hop readily to mind when you think of companies operated by, or staffed by, dicks.

Still, at least most companies on the left-hand side of America are slowly realizing that a “for dudes, by dudes” image is great for “male lifestyle brands” but best avoided if you want to maintain widespread popularity.

Apparently that message has yet to reach all the way to the east coast.

In New York earlier this week for Pando Monthly, I spotted this just. plain. weird. ad campaign for Chicago-based Grubhub. The tagline: “Bro, do you even takeout?”


Evoking bro-culture generally, let alone using the actual word “bro”, to sell to young consumers has long since shot past douchy, overtaken irony, lapped douchy again and come to rest firmly in the backyard of…

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Can S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Brilliance Trump HYDRA’s Magnificence? Lucy Lawless Previews the Season 2 Opener

Originally posted on TVLine:

When last we tuned into Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the titular organization had crumbled, its name disgraced, assets depleted. In the wake of a HYDRA-fueled onslaught, Nick Fury (guest star Samuel L. Jackson) resurfaced to appoint Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) as Director, so that he might rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D..

To do that, Coulson and his bruised team of agents will need the occasional helping hand — the first of which, as Season 2 opens this Tuesday (ABC, 9/8c), belongs to genre-TV queen Lucy Lawless.

RELATEDFall TV Spoilerpalooza: Exclusive Scoop on 42 Returning Favorites, Including S.H.I.E.L.D.

Here, Lawless previews her S.H.I.E.L.D. visit, reveals a crush on Coulson and ponders the outcome of a clash between Agent Hartley and a certain Warrior Queen.

TVLINE | So, it S.H.I.E.L.D. the most super-secretive show you’ve ever worked on or what? Things have changed since the Xena days. TV’s a lot more…

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Another Spider-Man of the Future gets his turn in Spider-Verse!

Originally posted on ComicsRefueled:

Edge_of_Spider-Verse_5_CoverPrepare for the biggest Spider-Man event of all-time as every Spider-Man from every universe unites to stop a threat that could spell extinction for their kind! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5 – the final chapter in the blockbuster 5-issue mini-series showcasing different Spider-Men (and women) of the Spider-Verse! Eisner Award-winning writer Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy) makes his Marvel debut alongside rising star artist Jake Wyatt for a Spider-Man tale unlike any other!

In a futurist city fairly different from the New York we are familiar with, our version of Spider-Man takes the shape of a government project: SP//dr,” says Gerard Way, in an interview with Marvel.comSP//dr is comprised of three vital components: a pilot, a machine, and a radioactive sentient spider acting as one half of the brain that makes it all work…

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EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1 Sells Out. Second Printing On the Way!

Originally posted on ComicsRefueled:

Edge_of_Spider-Verse_1_2nd_Print_VariantThe biggest Spider-Man event of all time is just around the corner, and critics and fans can’t get enough Spider-Verse! Today, Marvel is proud to announce that EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1, the return of Spider-Man Noir, has sold out at the distributor level (though copies may still be available at retail level). To meet demand, EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #1 will immediately head back to press for a second printing, available in early October. Writers David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and artist Richard Isanove return to the grit and gristle of NYC circa 1939 for the return of fan-favorite Spider-Man Noir? But will his return be short lived? Spider-Verse looms on the horizon, and Spider-Men and Spider-Women from every universe are being targeted.

Edge of Spider-Verse brings you five brand new one shots spanning multiple universes and the Spider-powered heroes who inhabit them. No fan can afford to miss the opening…

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Gwensday are back and it’s sensational!

Originally posted on ComicsRefueled:

Edge_of_Spider-Verse_2_2nd_Printing_CoverGarnering unprecedented buzz from all corners of the comic book industry, Marvel is proud to announce that EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 has sold out less than 24 hours of its release and will immediately head back to press for a second printing. You heard right, Gwen Stacy: The Sensational Spider-Woman will be swinging back into a comic shop near you as fans can’t get enough of this instant fan-favorite! She’s smart, charming and can lift a car – and she’s ready to enter the Spider-Verse arena in a big way! Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi craft an exciting new spider-tale that has critics everywhere raving.

“Face it Marvel, you hit the jackpot”– ComicBook.com

“…everything you didn’t know you wanted in a Spider-book”– Comic Book Resources

“This comic had pretty tremendous expectations set by readers ahead of time, and luckily, it lives up to them in full”

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Build Up Your Variant Collection With Marvel ROCKET RACOON & GROOT Variants!

Originally posted on ComicsRefueled:

The breakout comic book characters of the year are taking over the covers of your favorite Marvel titles this November! That’s right True Believer, ROCKETRACCOON & GROOT VARIANTS are coming, featuring some of the best and brightest talents in the industry! Not only will you get to see so many great artists putting their own spin on Rocket & Groot, but 20 of your favorite Marvel comics will feature these one-of-a-kind variants depicting some of the most classic of covers!

  • All-New Captain America #1
  • All-New X-Men #34
  • Amazing Spider-Man #9
  • Amazing X-Men #13
  • Avengers #38
  • Avengers World #15
  • Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #2
  • Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #1
  • Deadpool #37
  • Guardians 3000 #2
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #21
  • Hulk 8
  • Legendary Star-Lord #5
  • New Avengers #26
  • Rocket Raccoon #5
  • Spider-Verse #1
  • Spider-Woman #1
  • Superior Iron Man #1
  • Thor #2
  • Uncanny X-Men #28

People everywhere can’t…

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Unity #10-11 (Comics Review)

Originally posted on Shadowhawk's Shade:

Valiant Comics’ Armor Hunters crossover event is coming to a close very soon. In fact, I think the fourth (and final?) issue comes out this coming “New Comic Book Day”, three days from now. It has been quite a refreshing event for someone who is used to big, sweeping epic events from the Big 2, DC and Marvel. It has been small-scale in terms of how many titles it has affected, but it has been sweeping and epic in its own way. One of the titles caught up in its wake is Valiant’s superteam book Unity which launched last year and has proven to be among the top tier comics currently on shelves quite consistently..

Armor Hunters continues in the events of Unity #10 and #11 where the superteam Unity has gone up against the sentient robotic starship GIN-GR, and has had to face up to some really weird consequences…

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