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Part of Nick Fury’s job involves killing people; he’s not a murderer, but as a spy and government agent fighting villains, madmen and tyrants, it’s part of the job. But there’s one mission where he was tasked to eliminate someone but he didn’t. After thinking that digression and disobeying of a direct order was carefully tucked away for no one to find, the fallout from the murder of the Watcher in Original Sin brings the young Fury’s secret back into the light and now he must face the consequences. Because the person he let live has the ability to change the world, and Hydra is on their tail.

This tie-in to the Original Sin summer event series will play out in in a two-part Infinite comic Marvel is releasing titled Original Sin: Secret Avengers. Written by Secret Avengers scribe Ales Kot and drawn by guest artist Ryan Kelly, Original Sin: Secret Avengers will be available for free with purchase of Original Sin #2 and #3 by redeeming a digital code enclosed in each issue. We spoke with the writer.

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Axel-In-Charge: New Twists On Old Series – Comic Book Resources

This week, we take a look inside the more unexpected relaunches of All-New Marvel NOW!. From Mark Waid setting “Hulk” up for a new era with Mark Bagley to Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos’ “Amazing Spider-Man” revival of Peter Parker and on through the entire Ultimate Universe getting a new facelift, the biggest series get their due from Axel. Read on!

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scans_daily | John Steele is a Basterd

As Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s revisiting of the Golden Age continues, one of the characters reintroduced is the ultra-obscure John Steele.

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In case you’re reading Secret Avengers and need more background on this guy.

HE’S BACK, YES? (via simon furman)

HE'S BACK, YES? The original Death’s Head is back — in a special story that pits him against none other than the Incredible Hulk! Issue #33 of Panini UK‘s Marvel Heroes comic features an amazing two-part clash between everyone’s favourite bounty hunter (um, freelance peacekeeping agent) and the jade giant. Part one is written by Ferg Handley and part two (the real head-to-head, as it were) by me, with art by the amazing Simon Williams. Marvel Heroes #33 is out ( … Read More

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